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10 PAINTING LIFE HACKS | List of best cleaning accessories.

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10 Painting Life Hacks
We have been doing a lot of painting and we found a bunch painting hacks that will help you. These painting tips are very useful to anyone painting their house.
I hope you can use all of them in the future.

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The Ultimate Life Hack
John 3:16-17 ..

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  1. So many of these “hacks” videos are useless but this one has SUCH good tips!!! Thank you!

  2. Dont do #6 u dont want paint running in to your farrel it will damage ur brush never have them upside down like that

  3. I dont need these life hacks i let my girl do the painting, mowing, carpentry and auto repairs. I get laundry, cooking, cleaning covered …… her.

    And then i woke up…😩

  4. This guy here!!!!! I give this video 2 thumbs up. You sir get an S on your chest for being "super" awesome with life hacks.

  5. These maybe good ideas for a diy painter. But as a professional painter the only one that seemed like a good idea to me was putting the tape behind the faceplate. I'm sorry but all the other "hacks" are pretty useless. If you have a roller with a long enough nap on it you can roll the corners no problem, and we don't use paint trays we roll out of 5 gal. buckets, we tap our brush on the inside of the can and wipe it on the inside edge, and we don't use tape to get a straight line against trim we just brush it, but I know not everybody can do that. I have been painting for years so I have alot of practice. These may work for some people but it just seems like a waste of time to me, no offense.

  6. Thank you for some genuinely useful painting tips. Most hack videos are filled with rubbish.
    Thumbs up!

  7. never scrape your brush just tap it and you always cut in first he'd be thrown off our crew so fast

  8. When doing any painting or redecorating job always paint a large sheet of cardboard in the same colour, that way you can cut a piece off and use it to colour match soft furnishings and other items

  9. Don't worry about cleaning your paint tray, use a brush to put excess in paint container, the rest will go hard and you can use again and again by just leaving it go hard. I've been in the trade many years

  10. Could you put the roller into the Pringles can without first placing it into the plastic bag? I mean…I know you can but is it advisable?

  11. Every single one of these 10 tips is a keeper. Amazing. I have a painting tip for you to share: when i purchase paint the guys at the hardware store run a computer-generated label and stick it on the paint can lid. Supposedly when you need to purchase that color of paint again you can just take the lid in and they'll scan it to make the proper mix. Well – saving paint can lids is problematic so I ask the paint man to run me 2 extra labels and I put both labels on 3×5 index cards. Both cards get clipped together with other cards and one goes into a junk drawer and the other into the garage with paint supplies. On each card I also put the room in which the paint was used and the date I painted. From that time forward if I want a quart or gallon mixed i just take the index card to the hardware store.. It's a lot less messier than paint can lids. Thanks for your great tips. Good job.

  12. great tips, except…#1 That cap is not for pouring paint out. it's for putting tint in. The consumer should take the whole lid off. #5 You shouldn't be scraping paint off your brush. Otherwise what is there to put on the wall. You should pat your brush on the inside of the paint pot.

  13. good video pal,good tips, clearly said and i like the pringle can and the hairdryer tip,easy as and brilliant, look forward to more vids

  14. You can use an engine oil spout you would use to add oil to your car, to pour the paint into the laundry detergent container.

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