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1000 Yards for $500 – Budget Long Range Rifle Introduction | The Social Regressive | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject 1000 Yards for $500 – Budget Long Range Rifle Introduction | The Social Regressive? Are you looking to see best long range rifle? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

1000 Yards for $500 – Budget Long Range Rifle Introduction | The Social Regressive | Best garden tools for you.

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1000 Yards for $500 - Budget Long Range Rifle Introduction | The Social Regressive
1000 Yards for $500 – Budget Long Range Rifle Introduction | The Social Regressive

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Is it possible to put together a budget long range rifle for less than $500? Given the accuracy potential of today’s budget deer rifles, I believe the answer is “Yes.”

Come along with me as I turn an inexpensive off-the-rack deer gun into a competition rifle. I will only use new, commonly available components: the sort you would buy from a sporting goods store or an online retailer like My father-in-law and I will give the rifle a tune-up and bed the action into a heavy laminate furniture.

To test this rifle, I will compete in two NRA Highpower matches at Tulsa’s Red Castle Gun Club: one at 600 yards, and one at 1000 yards.

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  1. I have enjoyed this so much I started my own build with a 223 savage axis 2. Thanks for this ideal.

  2. I love your videos! I just picked up a couple Savage Axis rifles. I am going to be replicating this project, along with your $1000 1-mile project on a Stevens action. Very excited about it!

  3. Love this video series, I am about halfway through my own axis 308 build. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. There is a video of a guy shooting a 100% stock savage axis ii in 6.5 creedmoor hitting the target three shots in a row at a 1000yrds. Gun/scope combo is roughly $400.

  5. I love your videos and the animations are awesome. I am re-watching this playlist. I have learned SO MUCH. Thanks Man!!

  6. Just wanted to thank you for sharing this build. It inspired me to improve an old Edge that I had been given. It is amazing what a Timney trigger, Boyd's stock, Burris Veracity 3x15x50mm, and a 20MOA rail can do. It really improved the performance of the rifle and allowed me to make improvements as I went along, making it an economic build.

  7. I want to do this. Budget friendly, these guns are solid and do the job. Would love to slap on a better stock and get that trigger lightened up and see what I can do with it.

  8. Shot my first 1000 yard match this past Sunday with my budget build. Remington 783 in .243 with a $189 Monstrum Tactical scope. Did very well! Dialed my elevation and wind and my first sighter was on paper for a 6. The first match I shot a 178 and the wind picked up on the 2nd match and I shot a 170. Shooting 95 grain Sierra Tipped Match Kings with 41.7 grains of Reloder 17. 3075 fps. Very happy with everything.

  9. Shooting my first F Class match tomorrow with my Remington 783 in .243. Bedded action and recoil lug, $189 dollar scope, my best handloads. Shooting little over 1/2 moa.

  10. Well put together video. I just stopped by for the first time. I agree with your Savage choice, but you might have missed one. The Weatherby Vanguard, Series 1, or Select as its now called. Two years ago I grabbed a new one in .308win for $324.99 and yes the plastic spork stock is junk the trigger is not and it's not a "budget" rifle, but it's a good shooter for cheap with ammo available.

  11. Just found out about your channel and subbed, I was thinking about buying the ruger American and I wanted to know which gun I should get for deer hunting. I know this is for competition but I'd like to know your opinion

  12. Just found your channel so I haven't had the chance to skim through all your content yet would you happen to have a video or series on that $900 dollar rifle you showed at around 1:22?

  13. Just came upon your series of videos. I've built one "custom" style rifle about a decade ago. "98 Mauser large ring action, replaced the 8mm German military barrel with a .270 WIN. Glass bedded the action and topped off with a nice Nikon scope. This whole series brought back memories of that build. Fun to watch and very informative ;-)

  14. How often should one let a sporter barrel cool between shots? I want to get into long range with a budget savage, but people keep telling me you can't unless you have a heavy barrel. How is yours doing as far as heat? Thanks

  15. Save time and money and just get a Tikka or a Weatherby for less than $500 otd ready to shoot sub MOA out of the box!

  16. Very cool channel, subbed! I am a gun-customizing fun shooting channel and want to build a budget sniper rifle, so I will definitely be checking out your other vids. Thanks!

  17. I wish you luck. I see we have similar taste in reloading equipment! How accurate do you find your Lee powder measure with thicker powders like AR comp? I am trying to decide if my scale (Hornady electronic scale) or the measure are giving me the variable readings I get.

  18. Will be interesting. I would spend the $500 on the best scope you can find for that money. Then just shoot it.

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