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10mm thick INDESTRUCTIBLE neck knives | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject 10mm thick INDESTRUCTIBLE neck knives? Are you looking to see best neck knives? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

10mm thick INDESTRUCTIBLE neck knives | List of best garden tools for you.

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10mm thick INDESTRUCTIBLE neck knives
10mm thick INDESTRUCTIBLE neck knives

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  1. I am a spine thickness geek for small or average (whatever that means—average) knives and would love to buy one of your projects in that range of thickness! Can you give me a way to keep in touch? I turned a tops lil roughneck in a prettier and smaller knife but it would be better if a real knife maker handled what I was looking for. You have that style bruv. Mad Props 🔥

  2. Grinding down a blank and selling it for four hundred dollars forces me to wonder how long their knives sit on the shelf. Good luck with that.

  3. Que hermosas piezas amigo, como hiciste el color negro en la hoja ??
    Un abrazo desde Ecatepec, México 🇲🇽

  4. Love luv Love
    Hoping one can buy….if not all gone
    Equally beautiful……very talented

  5. Only problem I have with these blades is you could never sneak up on someone with it, because its dummy thicc, and the clap of its ass cheeks would alert anyone you tried to sneak up on

  6. Looks like the perfect thickness of knife! That grind looked superb 🤘🏻
    Video quality was excellent

  7. 60th View! lol
    Hey mate Where can i find on of them surface grinder Boyos?
    and if Not available, can i do the same thing using a Mill? and with which attachment? and IF you know An Abrasive Attachment for it. i'd appreciate all the knowledge you may provide me!
    Edit: after advancing further into the video, i'd also appreciate some info about the laser etching machine!

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