2 Spectators 🐶🐶 OP CARPET CLEANING 175 Rotary Machine | Top-bought cleaning accessories

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2 Spectators 🐶🐶 OP CARPET CLEANING 175 Rotary Machine | List of best cleaning accessories.

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2 Spectators 🐶🐶 OP CARPET CLEANING 175 Rotary Machine
2 Spectators 🐶🐶 OP CARPET CLEANING 175 Rotary Machine

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  1. Great job Paul. 👍😁 when you mentioned about that handheld unit it peaked my interest and when I went search on Harbor Freight I could not find it under orbital polishers the one that I saw that looked exactly like yours with the digital readout was a rotary only for the same price 🤔❓

  2. I have an Orbot and I have tried it various times in residential carpets, I always go back to the rotary. I simply cannot outclean my rotary with the OP. It is more maneuverable, simpler and the OP does not remove stains as easily quickly as the rotary with a fibre pad particularly on a plush carpet. Running into a heavy loop berber with these OPs will be a whole new experience for you if you haven't experienced that yet, They buck and jump and insist on going their own way. The Orbot and Vibe have the same motor and orbit and they will tip bloom certain carpets but not the rotary. Running over a soiled carpet with the brush on the rotary or fibre pad and then an Ironman will be at least as effective and usually faster. Adding the tank will also speed you up and give you greater control. I bought my Orbot 10 years ago and expected to ditch the rotary but discovered the rotary is simply unbeatable in the residential setting. For wide open areas and big commercial jobs the Orbot or Vibe really come into their own and have an edge in that case as they are physically easier when operated for a few hours at a time and they work very well on the lower pile commercial carpet.

  3. I’m loving that rotary of yours. It’s priced right too. But I’d definitely would Ned a shampoo tank

  4. I've heard nothing but good things about the Orbot Vibe, and honestly, I think you deserve one given how long you've been doing carpet cleaning. I think you'll like it A LOT

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