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2 Way Speaker Crossover tested | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject 2 Way Speaker Crossover tested? Are you looking to see 2 way vs 3 way speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

2 Way Speaker Crossover tested | Newly updated handsets.

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2 Way Speaker Crossover tested
2 Way Speaker Crossover tested

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This video is a review of a 2 way Speaker Crossover. I will show a bode plot of the bass and treble crossover and I will show an impedance curve of the crossover that the amplifier will see.

2 Way crossover link

3 Way crossover link

Speaker Impedance:
3 Way Speaker Crossover Pt 2:
3 Way Speaker Crossover Tested:

RC filter analysis and capacitor parasitics
Log plots – why? ep1
Low Pass Filter – Simple Example ep3

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2 way vs 3 way speakers

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  1. Hi Eddie. Good video – it would be useful for those of us who don't know as much, for you to show what 'good' would look like, and why, before running the plots as they can be hard to follow sometimes. You could compare the actual results against your ideal then. In response to picking Patreon I'd say either randomly or to whoever you feel contributes back to your channel in discussions. Randomly is probably fairer and more sustainable long term!

  2. I just purchased that exact same crossover…I have a 4ohm mid and 4ohm tweeter, which i was going to run in paralell which would give a 2ohm from amp..Question is, if i use that crossover will i still have a 2ohm signal(like running in paralell) or will using the crossover keep a 4ohm from amp….thx

  3. Hi Eddie, sorry I have not commented on your videos for a long time, so many thing did got in the way, but now am I ready again:-)
    1:00 As you found out is it nearly impossible to get the camera to corporate when trying to show text on paper and packages. May I suggest to lay it flat on a table and then adjust the camera, then can you also easier point on some important aspects of the text.
    1:29 Good idea to make a note on the screen when you have forgot to say it, but also great to tell what to expect in next episode.
    2:05 Perfect zoom, greatly done.
    5:56 Is it possible to please ask you to show how to do a FRA on your siglent scope, maybe also using your external signal generator, and see how they compare when you do not have logarithmic plot.
    6:08 You have some zoom and transition but I think you could easily have just cut it away.
    7:42 Again great zoom.
    8:25 Great with an announcement.
    10:27 Great cut with no movements.
    10:2910:39 This part could you also easily have cut out ,not necessary no information you don't say again.

    All in all a great video, like you use to make:-)


  5. Hi there, you reviewed one of those cheap LCR meters a couple weeks ago and I asked you if it was able to measure capacitors with a high value of 10000uF and up, you said you'd try to measure some bigger value capacitors and make a video about it and I'm watching you as a hawk for an answer however you didn't make a video of it or give an answer in the comments.
    I really need to know if the meters you showed are capable of measuring the bigger value capacitors, I found just one meter online capable of measuring up to 1000uF which is pretty good but since I regularly see capacitors with a value of 2200uF, 10000uF and up and I'm looking for a way to be able to measure the new super capacitors with a value of 10 Farad up to 500 Farad and I've asked many people already but I can't get anyone to give me an answer, you'd do me a big favor if you showed the cheap meter measuring a 1000uF, 2200uF and a 10000uF capacitor… That would be helpful to me already and if you can tell me how to measure the new super capacitors that would be golden.
    Thanks in advance,
    Ricardo Penders

  6. thank you eddie,
    so sorry , is there any video about passive crossover designing with micro caps and test it with that ? i have to make a custom passive crossover for my speaker used for floor monitor. at least i can design and test that design with micro caps 12 before make a real shcematic. .just to make sure before buy the the best value component of it .
    until now thanks very much for sharing eddie . πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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