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2-Way vs 3-Way Coaxial Speakers | Car Audio Q&A | Best hand-held repair tools

Are you searching for the subject 2-Way vs 3-Way Coaxial Speakers | Car Audio Q&A? Are you looking to see 2way or 3way car speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

2-Way vs 3-Way Coaxial Speakers | Car Audio Q&A | Latest information about hand tools.

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2-Way vs 3-Way Coaxial Speakers | Car Audio Q&A
2-Way vs 3-Way Coaxial Speakers | Car Audio Q&A

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If you’ve ever shopped around for coaxial car speakers you’ve probably seen a few speakers that go beyond 2-way drivers. In this video the guys give their opinion on 3-way and above coaxial speakers.

If you’re currently shopping for speakers we hope this video gave you some direction in your purchase decision!

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2way or 3way car speakers

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  1. Some people argue that installing coaxials + tweeters on front would produce sound cancellations.Are you agree with that theory since I would like to try this configuration in my car and check if this would help my front soundstage.Thank you!

  2. Umm.. Thank you for .. kind of answering this question.. but .. depending on the manufacturer.. and price.. a 3 way speaker with a woofer, and tweeter will sound better than a 2 way that only consists of a midrange speaker, and tweeter. It also depends heavily on your setup. If you have an amp, and a subwoofer than no you don't need a 3 way speaker. Your low end comes from a dedicated sub woofer. But if you have a car deck, and don't plan on installing an amp, and sub woofer than the clear answer would be 3 way. This way there's a space for your low end to go rather than sharing your low end with the midrange driver. But to say that a 3 way blocks too much of the sound due to covering the circumference of the speaker is really ridiculous. A 2 way or 3 way speaker will sound perfectly fine so long as you avoid really cheap products. If you compare a 10 dollar 6.5 inch Jensen something to a 2 way or 3 way by.. any other brand than the other brand is going to win. Also maybe look into what you have in your vehicle. Don't replace your factory speakers with something like a 10 dollar Jensen if the factory speaker clearly outperforms the speaker your replacing it with.

  3. Some coaxial speakers come with cross overs for the tweeter rather than just piggybacking them.

    Would it be beneficial to use three way cross overs and add a separate driver for mids or lows?

    I have some older vibe sonic response 5.25 coaxials that use two way cross overs, they make really nice bass down to maybe 45-50hz but if I turn up the system the mids warble/ distort a little,

    if I set the hpf on the head unit to remove some of the lower frequencies the mids clean up nicely and can handle much higher volume,

    I already have some 3 way cross overs left over from some vibe space 3d speakers which I could use would you recommend adding some 4" for mids or some 6.5" for lows instead?

  4. Those who say 2-way is better merely because the woofer cone has less "interference" (from the 3-way mid/tweeter pod) are picking nits. It's hardly blocking the sound just because it's not perfectly centered. If the crossovers work well, I'd take 3-ways for their dedicated tweeters.

  5. I have a 2004 grand prix with the monsoon radio system in it. I have component 6.5 in the front doors, a 3.5 center speaker in the dash, a 6.5 coaxial in rear doors and component 6×9 in rear above rear seats . I changed all the speakers to jbl and with 12 inch woofer by mb quarts. what I would like to know is what amplifier or amplifiers should I use for the12 channels I have to amplify also what is a good double din radio for me. Thank You I appreciate your expertise

  6. What is the optimum power distribution among drivers in a 3 or 2 way speaker system? Any rule of thumb or theoretical basis? Thank you.

  7. my 2016 Forester has a huge speaker well. The stock speakers are 6.5 and all i see on Youtube is people installing 6.5 with bracket adapters. to me this doesn't make sense.. wouldn't you use a 6×9 to try to plug up the whole speaker well? hope that makes sense… what does everyone else think?

  8. Hi sonic electronics. I want to ask. How 3 way loud speaker divides the power output of the amplifier..as we all know that a three way loud speaker composed of woofer lets as say 500 watts then midrange of 300 watts and tweeter of 100 watts as a loudspeaker as a whole it becomes 900 watts maybe if we add.my question how the power output of the amplifier devides between the three drivers wherein it has defferent wattage. Example of amp power 1000watts. In short how it works why the tweeter didnt burn out since it has 100 watts only.thank you in advance.

  9. i have a 1997 nissan pathfinder, i replaced the original stereo and and the original speakers, is not any expensive audio its a Boss player and boss speakers, but what i notice is one 2 thinks, 1. buzzin and engine noise in the speakers, 2. i cant hear some sounds that i hear in my computer, like drums and some guitar notes.
    2 way boss 200w speakers

  10. Hey guys please suggest me i want to connect jbl gto 609 component speaker to my stock stereo system without any amplifier, will it work ? Or amp is required for good experience
    My car is Honda Brio

  11. would a 5way speaker be a good idea for rear speakers 6×9 in a 2003 corolla? or would a 2way still be recommended

  12. Now that we got that out the way how do I go about getting my girl to go along with putting a 3 way in her car.

  13. what do you think about premium oem systems with 20 speakers , do you really need that many speakers to create amazing sound. Example Audi Bang & Olefsun system.

  14. Im looking for door speakers for a dodge avenger i have 2 12 p2 subs trying to match it up and level out the bass in the front but also get a better sound stage im thinking maybe 2 way speakers and then a good tweeter if anyone has any recommendations its greatly appreciated

  15. Well you answered the question of the 2 way vs. 3 way but you never touched base on the size and wattage aspect of the question. let me alter the question a bit. I have a kenwood DDX394 which outputs 50w x4 equaling 200 Watts . Say I buy Rockford Fosgate Punch P1650 speakers with Max wattage of 220 Watts. How would the lack of 5 Watts effect the performance of the speakers? and what would happen if with the same radio and Pyle PLG6C 2 way speakers rated at 400 Watts?

  16. is there a big difference in sound between 6×9 and 5×7? I have 4 polk db 5.25 in my harley looking to add 4 more in my hard bags which is my best option also have a jl audio mx 500/4 pushing everything

  17. i have a 1000w 4 channel pioneer car amp can i load it with two 600w pioneer 3-way speaker, 350w pioneer 3-way and 2 100w tweeter?

  18. Hi guys, how do I post a question for you ?

    The question I have is I have an Alpine f300 running a pair of Vibe Black Death 6.5 cm midbass drivers. my amp keeps on cutting in and out as if it's going into protection. how do I stop this from happening?

  19. My car doesn't have the A-pillar cutout or wiring for a component tweeter, so does this mean that the best I can do is a 2-way coaxial with a pivoting tweeter like the JBL GTO629? Already replaced the OEM headunit with a nice Pioneer and can hear an improvement…would an entry level speaker like that JBL not make any difference compared to the OEM speakers since I will not be adding an amp?

  20. I am looking to upgrade my stock speakers for a Subaru impreza wagon I was going to go for 6.5 alpine type s would that be a good choice?

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