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$20 Reflex Sight On An AR15 – Does It Work? | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject $20 Reflex Sight On An AR15 – Does It Work?? Are you looking to see best reflex sights for ar15? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

$20 Reflex Sight On An AR15 – Does It Work? | List of best hand tools for you.

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$20 Reflex Sight On An AR15 - Does It Work?
$20 Reflex Sight On An AR15 – Does It Work?

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In this video we throw on this $20 Reflex Sight on my Bushmaster AR15 and see what we get at 100 yards. End of the day, this sight is pretty darn cool & good for the price but I would recommend getting something of better quality for the long run. Nonetheless, here’s the link to buy one: ..

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  1. Apparently, bocw tells us that a lot of operators had these reflex sights in the early 80s.

  2. Just like any other industry, the self defense/hunting industry is filled with fools easily parted with their money. This sight, or most other budget priced sights will absolutely perform just as well as the $400-$600 sights in the circumstances that most of us will be using them in. They don’t have auto-turn on, and aren’t water proof, but who needs that really?

  3. Lol the the art of arguing a point with no real actual data. I'm a vortex guy. But some of the cheaper sights out there dont get recognition.

  4. I got this and I like it more than my $200 Razor (with the Razor you have to hold down two buttons really close together to turn it off, which is annoying). No issues with it holding a zero, kind of wish I had gotten this one first.

  5. An open reflex sight is not a 100 yard optic. Open reflex sights are designed for short to medium range (40 yd max) application.

  6. I've got that same sight except it is named Monstrum on my Bear Creek AR-15. It has held zero now for over 1000 rounds.

  7. That shot group is huge, my question becomes why… If we're reviewing product that's a problem that needs to be addressed….

  8. I've got one of those ncstar reflex sights on my 20" AR and in 4 or 5 years it's been on there it's done fine. I've got it on the top rail just in front of the carry handle. Probably gonna switch it over to my 16' carbine with free float handguards and flip up sights I just bought last week tho

  9. Move holographic and reflex sights all the way forward on the upper not to be confused with the fact you do not want to mount on the hand guard. You get more accuracy and a smaller dot as its further from your eye so it won't cover the target as much.

  10. If I'm getting my first gun (m&p 15-22) and want a red Dot to go with it but don't want to spend too much money will this sight or a sight like it (maybe $30) do well if I'm not looking for amazing quality just something that'll work without causing problems while using it

  11. What's a normal price for a red Dot sight that's a little on the cheaper side but will still last

  12. Maybe buy something worth the money….like say something other then an a2birdcage just a thought?

  13. Holy shit dude. You just solved one of my biggest issues. And it has nothing to do with the sight. I'm cross eye dominant and shooting right handed with left eye. The setup works!

  14. You need to get rid of that iron sight if your gonna run optics or get a riser. Never been a fan of such a fat hand guard need that control.

  15. I taped one on my mosin and it's perfect for killing capitalist pigs with great inaccuracy

  16. Home defense sights wont even matter you arent shooting any further than 15 yards so unless you suck at shooting anything works

  17. that is my favorite style reflex sight yet no brand, not one that looks like that has lasted or even was able to be sighted in on a real rifle without total failure…

  18. I just bought one like this for less than $18. Has very nice crisp variety of dots. Seems to be well made of metal, not plastic.

  19. Hopefully it helps people how to aim. Sort of like training wheels. The iron sights can be a bit misleading because the gun needs to be lined up properly in order for the sights to work properly.

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