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20+ Simple French Cleat Ideas for Your Tool Storage | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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20+ Simple French Cleat Ideas for Your Tool Storage | The Best Power Tools.

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20+ Simple French Cleat Ideas for Your Tool Storage
20+ Simple French Cleat Ideas for Your Tool Storage

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The French Cleat System is a great way to store many of your tools and hardware. It can even be better than having a large tool box because of the ease of access. So here are 20+ simple ideas that can inspire you to build something Awesome.
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Cordless Drill Charging Station and Storage Rack

Screws/Nails Hardware Organizer


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  1. Great ideas! I just started cleats and I like doing the different types of organizers, you got some good ideas

  2. Fantastic!!! No filler at the beginning and got right down to business. Love the ideas – esp the circular saw. Thanks!

  3. All great ideas. But am I the only one to notice the interlocking rolls of painters tape 😳 at 8:47? I definitely understand that it could easily be done by bandsawing a slice in one side of one of the rolls, but I have to wonder merely as a prank or conversation piece when his buddies show. You know…..quietly sit back and see who notices it first…haaaa. 😂🤣

  4. your catapult vid is all click bait I was gonna make this but when I made it it never worked you click baiter

  5. In the pegboard part, how did you get the two rolls of masking tape to link together like that? lol

  6. Awesome, This is one of the best videos I've every seen on organizing and a great setup to do so. I appreciate you so much. Thank You

  7. If someone breaks into your shop, they''ll steal all the custom storage and tool holders and leave all your tools in a pile. Super cool. Thanks

  8. Concerning the pencil holder what glue did you use to glue the pvc pipes to the wood bottom?

  9. Aren‘t we talking about French cleats here? That Union Jack drape is definitively in the wrong spot… should be the Tricolore.

  10. Thanks for the post, love the whole French cleat idea. QUESTION- at 8:50 (the peg board section) How do you have 2 rolls of tape interlocked with each other????

  11. Dude…. You are a maestro…….. I am tired and don't think so much these days with everyone wanting to be down and wat not… Such a simple concept and you have taken it to levels of that of a figure skater…. Like to see a hanger for ice skates. Ha!=ha!…. Rock on dude…….

  12. Most excellent dude….. Even more nice than I had envisioned a project I contemplated today,. Thank you

  13. Аккуратный мастер!!!!!! Обязательно что нибудь скопирую))). Однозначно подписка!!!!

  14. You are the king of the French Cleat, my friend! Clinton, I am going to spend a week putting some of these ideas together now that I finally have the French Cleat slats on the wall. You da man!

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