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200+ Yards PCP Airgun Hunting – Pushing the Limits! | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject 200+ Yards PCP Airgun Hunting – Pushing the Limits!? Are you looking to see best pcp air rifle? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

200+ Yards PCP Airgun Hunting – Pushing the Limits! | List of best hand tools for you.

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200+ Yards PCP Airgun Hunting - Pushing the Limits!
200+ Yards PCP Airgun Hunting – Pushing the Limits!

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Taking things to another level with Gerhard & Roelf from Air Hunters. Some tricky conditions, but no problems for the Three Impacts!

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  1. Using birds as targets… huh. I used to do the same thing with my .22… when I was 12. Then I grew up. Grow up.

  2. That sparrow shot was a ripper. Nothing more annoying than a sparrow sitting on your roof calling, except a starling trying to get under your eves to nest.

  3. What is your opinion on what distance would you feel positive on killing a North American animal like white tail or wild boar what caliber also?

  4. Hunting birds in this way is very bad. Do not hunt if you do not need a machine just to eat or for furs or anything else, and do not go overboard in killing these birds without right

  5. Good gun mean good price.if they sell it with cheap price..someone will sell it with high price too.good gun require good brain.good technic.knowledge.talented.n need a good source to make its quality n power worthy.copycat gun or some secondhand .will never match advice is ..if u really2 like good gun.good quality.powerful.keep the money.dont buy the cheaper.coz someday u still want a good gun.patient is all u need to keep the money for the one that u wish poor not scientist.but 1 good gun above other gun .is worth to saving for.has to.

  6. I used to kill birds when i wad was still young and stupid, now im mature and know there are other ways to control pests. What are happening to the small ones waiting for their parents in the nests to return with food and water. This is very unethical to test expensive guns on birds and show off on youtube.

  7. Убийца привезли пушку полевую по голубым вяхирям .

  8. Berapa fps yang dibutuhkan untuk mencapai target seperti fi video
    Dan berapa grain berat pellet nya

  9. You have got too damn good with long distance shooting!! From your deep reviews, it seems you possess more knowledge than the manufacturers. Your videos are very detailed and enjoying.

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