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3/8" Drive Ratchets, Review & Comparison | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject 3/8" Drive Ratchets, Review & Comparison? Are you looking to see best ratchets for the money? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

3/8" Drive Ratchets, Review & Comparison | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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3/8" Drive Ratchets, Review & Comparison
3/8" Drive Ratchets, Review & Comparison

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here’s a review of 40 different 3/8 inch Drive ratchets as well as a comparison and discussion . .


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best ratchets for the money


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  1. Try to only have tools you'll basically need and only keep a back up.
    That's your challenge for the year.

  2. Moderate use…
    Some Harbor freight ain't that bad.
    But…losing wages and time trying to figure out which brand…which tool is better and hacks. I try to steer clear of.
    Stick with basics and horde none…carry only minimum amounts.
    They're like big lighters…you use em for a while…they served their purpose a few times…you recycle them.
    But you won't see me carrying thousands of lighters …that do all kinds of goofy Crap.
    I have one basic, a spare…and a mini. In my emergency kit.
    Just like my ratchet…one that adapts up….to 1/2. And adapts down to 1/4.
    My breaker ratchet is a Pittsburgh. 1/2 in….its a freebie.
    I found roadside.
    I steer clear of tool hording.
    Itemize every week…keep the basics, and light recon/repair.
    That's it.
    Can't make a living with thousands of tools you'll never use cluttering the landscape.
    Unless your into tradeing them.
    I never buy tools…
    I trade…find or salvage.
    Hold em to the warranty.
    Craftsman is easiest…so far.
    On mechanics tools.
    Where I'm at…
    Got a new set of tools I've found roadside over the year. And returned them for warranty…
    Stanley I haven't tried this…
    Simply because the ratchets I use from them were immaculate when I found them roadside.
    I had found four.
    I gave away two of those.
    I don't keep more than a three ratchets ever…
    I got one I use for everything.
    A breaker…
    And the small driver 1/4…
    Then on me EDC ….i carry a fastback/w a driver with a mini ratchet….
    My favorite most used tool.. is the
    All way… MULTI Tool Scraper with 1/4 inch Driver…and knife edge.
    A pair of Basic Construction scissors…
    Milwaukee 6" Vice grips w torque loop for attaching a caribeiner..and 6 inch linemans pliers and a regular knife…lighter and a piece of bike spoke I use to poke and clean things out of.
    I carry a wire toothbrush and a sponge sander.
    And a somewhat lengthy demo saws all blade for saw cuts and I might start carrying that mini kobalt bolt cutter I found and got warranty trade in on.
    I use those alot too.
    For First Rsponse & Salvage….Scrapping.
    That's about it….
    And of course my Rechargeable Energizer Headlamp.
    I got as a gift.
    That's all I use on a daily basis to clean up and fix my area and render aide and first response.
    But ratchets.
    Stick with about two multi scenarios and a breaker.
    Maybe one finite….and yeah maybe a hinged adapter one.
    You don't need hundreds of tools….
    For basic survival and modern economics.

  3. I like to use the HF composite ratchets for batteries and anything that's close to electrical when working on cars. They are actually durable as well.

  4. I like the harbor freight ratchets. Not because they are quality, because they are lifetime warranty and the shops 15mins away. Very easy to warranty stuff at my shop and cheap prices!!

  5. I'll say it again, unless your a metallurgist, how do you know harbor freight ratchets wont hold up against another brand? Stop using ratchets as breaker bars.

  6. The sidewinder was my go to spark Plug ratchet for years… On cars and trucks, until they started putting plugs in before the engine on the assembly line. For motircycle plugs… Sometimes the sidewinder is good too.

    BTW… 40 ratchets? Seriously… Lol…

  7. Or… you can only attach the positive cable when the negative is disconnected like yer supposed to do!

  8. I like this but if you have the money I suggest getting like a 6 in flexhead Snap-on one wait a week and do a review you won’t regret it

  9. Have you checked out Koken Tools? They have a new Zeal Series for the automotive mechanic. I really love the design of their 3/8 multi tool utility rachet. They've got some interesting concepts and philosophy. Take care!

  10. I never watched this one due to lack of time. You did too much at once in this one. Good info for sure as always. Too much at once for most cats or dogs. Unless upsidedown.

  11. I can't find that duralast 1/4 with a 3/8 anvil anywhere. Anyone know if they still make it?

  12. Bought the micro tough to pull transmission out of a for 10 years ago still working pretty good ratchet wish they still made them in all the ratchet sizes be a good one in 1/4 as small as it is

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