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3-way Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Newly updated handsets.

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3-way Portable Bluetooth Speaker
3-way Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker using Dayton ND 20FA tweeter, Dayton PC83 connected in series for mid range and Dayton DC160 for the low frequency.
The Crossover for mid and high are copied from 123toid’s Reveal MTM design. The Antenna extension for TPA3116D2 Amplifier Board were copied from 12voltvids.

The Box is about 9.5 litres, port tube of 35mm dia and 3.5 inch long. The sound quality is way above my expectation, F3 around 38Hz. ..

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2 way or 3 way speaker


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  1. Profesjonalista ,,💥👊🔥👍🏼👍💪 tyle że nieodzielił suba od szerokopasmowców , a tak to zajebiście że 👍🏼👍🔥👊💥😎

  2. I see your amp also has HF distortion due to lack of resistor on the output. I wish they would fix them.

  3. I have two subwoofers of sound link 42mm (1.5 inch)
    How many inches of box do you have to make for this speaker's good effect?
    Without bass resonance.
    No Bass Resonance.
    is going to use Bass Air Tube

  4. Awesome build! I just saw this. THanks for the recognition in the video description. You did an awesome job!

  5. Nice job, if I was being critical, I would have gone for a matt finish on the front, the high gloss cheapens it slightly and the perspex window will be doing nothing to improve the sound. But apart from that well done.

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