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.300 Blackout Optic Shootout! EoTech, PFI, Nikon M-300 & P-300 BLK | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject .300 Blackout Optic Shootout! EoTech, PFI, Nikon M-300 & P-300 BLK? Are you looking to see 300 blackout scope? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

.300 Blackout Optic Shootout! EoTech, PFI, Nikon M-300 & P-300 BLK | List of best garden tools for you.

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.300 Blackout Optic Shootout! EoTech, PFI, Nikon M-300 & P-300 BLK
.300 Blackout Optic Shootout! EoTech, PFI, Nikon M-300 & P-300 BLK

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We get our hands on four different scopes specifically designed for the 300 Blackout. See how they stack up against each other!

EOTech XPS2-300 Red Dot holographic sight, Black, Circle-2-Dot Reticle, 300 Blackout/Whisper EOTXPS2300

RR Evolution 5.56/7.62 1.4-4x
The ALL NEW RR-Evolution Rapid Reticle, is the flagship of PFI’s new Evolution Series. Designed for 5.56NATO (55gr, 62gr, 75gr), 7.62NATO (168gr, 175gr), and other ammunition with similar ballistic coefficients, the RR-Evolution-5.56/7.62 will allow shooters to instantly range and engage targets up to 900 yards without any manual adjustments.

Nikon M-300 BLK – 1.5-6x
Nikon P-300 BLK – 2-7x
The .300 AAC Blackout is one of the industry’s hottest new cartridges for hunting feral hogs with AR platform rifles. This is an extremely versatile cartridge that provides the ability to shoot subsonic ammunition for low-noise applications and supersonic ammunition for long-range shots. Nikon has developed the all-new 300 BLK riflescope to harness the effectiveness of this exciting new caliber.

Please watch: “AK Platform SAFETY ALERT!! WATCH!”

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300 blackout scope

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  1. You mean to tell me that you don't have a pack of 2032s laying around?
    I buy those & 1016s in bulk now….. Lol!

  2. Webbys aka 1800GunsAndAmmo is my lgs and it is truly a great store. Great selection and good employees + a range.

  3. Back out of that first scope a little more. You'll negate some of that spherical distortion.i like Nikons but I wouldn't pay 850 for one.

  4. The eotech doesnt compair to any of the other optics. It is a sight. There is a huge difference. One is for precision,one is for hits. Eotech and training all day. Even with the normal eotech retical, you should always know your holds.

  5. Good review. The most interesting thing is that not one of those is even in the same class as the Primary Arms 1×6 ACSS .

  6. Get a Nikon Buckmaster, with BDC for $120.00 and it would do the job for a fraction of the 300s…. It is a very clear glass scope 4-12×40

  7. Yeah pretty disappointing. But kinda knew it after going through a wide range of ammo. And even when you find something that works. Consistency could be off over time. Ultimately it comes down to buying premium ammunition and just setting up a upper/gun +optic to operate with a particular load. I really haven't had much luck going to a rapid transition with a mag swap. It just seems to be a fairy tale sold to us by the "industry"

  8. 300 black out are peaces of shit dont wast your time! ammo way more expensive same range as 556 or 762

  9. 7.62×39 > .300blk

    If you like the ar platform and don't like the issues from the coversions buy a hybrid. The arak and the mutant have been superb for me.

  10. Good video! I was looking at three of the optics in your video but all I was hearing on forums were "THE BDC WAS USELESS". This was very informative. Thanks for putting the time in!

    Stay Angry!

    A lowly ghetto street cop

  11. Try out Sierra Ballistics software to see what matches up for your with your BC and velocity of the rounds you shoot.  I chose a EXPS 3-4 and calculated the yardage for each dot sub and super.  This allows for an ANPVS-14 with the rifles blasting hogs at night.  The ballistics proved pretty close on the range.  I previously did the same for my 556 SBR since it is a 10.3" BBL.  With the magnifier, it does a good enough job for the distances I shoot with my 2 M4 platforms.  If I want to reach out and touch something, I drag out the 308…my 2 cents worth…

  12. As Neil says, if the reticle can't match your load, adjust the load. However, even if the super and sub loads manage to follow the reticle, you might need to rezero for each. There goes simple. Then there is weather…I completely get the wish for the turn key easy solution.

  13. there is no bdc that will match your load you have to match your load to the bdc
    load your own rounds or buy factory loads and then test your rounds at 100 200 300 400 yards and then you know what your bullet drop is and with factory buy 100+ rounds at a time
    i have a chrono and i can do the math and get close to what my bullet drop is and loading my self i still have to keep doing my loads in batches even when using all the same components because if i load a new batch of rounds for my 270 6 months later they will not be exactly the same as before
    something all ways seem to change be it me or powder age or the scale is just a micron off
    .the best advice i can give is reload in batches of 100+ rounds and all ways retest when you start using a new batch of loads with any rifle
    and you will have the best of results

  14. I was about to buy the m300 as it was discounted. My heart is in a acog trijicon for 300 bo. Have you had a chance to test trijicon? Thanks.

  15. Thank for making this video..It gave some insight to options  of the different type of 300 blk scopes out there!

  16. Why the fuck would I pay so much for a scope.get a vortex strike fire $150.00 the rest in ammo.

  17. Speaking from personal experience, I would not shoot over the hood of your truck.  The concussion will put a nice dent in it.  Thanks for the reviews.

  18. Thanks for the honest review that none of them were really going to be stone cold simple to use as hoped with super/subsonic loads.  That they still all need some ballistic calculation work to some degree.  It would have been nice to see your best of each targets at 50/100 yards after sighting in.    I have always preferred good optics with magnification over red dots for any type of shooting.   2-8X is my current overall favorite but I am currently evaluating a 1-6X scope for general purpose use.   Its not perfect but I can use it both eyes open at 1X.   Vortex is coming out with a new Strike Eagle 1-6X scope FFP scope that looks very promising.   You may want to review that in the near future.

  19. give the leatherwood/hi-lux 1-4×24 cmr for the 5.56 a run!  i have it on my ar and i absolutely love it.  it's as close to a true 1x that i have seen on a 1 to 4x optic.  the glass is great and it's an etched reticle with bdc for the 5.56 also.  great price point for what you get also.

  20. I wish you guys put the Leopold 300 Blackout scope in there, but I understand due to the cost of the best scope made for the 300.  I have the Leopold and it is really spot on with subs and supers!!!

  21. The PFI BLK manual specifically states that the supersonic loads are 110 to 125 gr and the sub loads are 220 gr. Did you test with those loads or did you not have the ammo?

  22. You need to put some keywords in of all of the optic names so that people can find this review. Also, contact me for some more info on the PFI.

  23. I've heard that the Soviet 7.62x39mm ballistics match the .300 blackout very well. These scopes can also be used very successfully on AK's in the 7.62×39 caliber.

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