4 to Door vs 2.5 hose for carpet cleaning (video) | List of best cleaning accessories

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4 to Door vs 2.5 hose for carpet cleaning (video) | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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4 to Door vs 2.5 hose for carpet cleaning (video)
4 to Door vs 2.5 hose for carpet cleaning (video)

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Here is the true lowdown on what is best for cleaners. There are many internet hucksters who pass off 2.5″ hose as the cats meow but our tests proved otherwise. Seems the real motive as usual is money. Don’t waste your money on hose reel hogging,heavy,expensive and confusing 2.5 hose. It is a sham. Instead buy a 25.00 Y and go 4″ to the door and watch your machine scream. ..

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  1. With the wand on the floor 200ish cfm is all that is need, right?

    Then the smaller 2" gave a fast pull on the vacuum gauge. So that's a faster recovery!!

    Maybe, it's more cfm with slower recovery due to the extra volume. Hince not needed.

  2. Aren't your new trucks with the starpower and the prostar trucks set up with a separate electric reel with 2.5"?

    Seems that cost money $$$

    So there is a big difference if now it's done.

  3. was this 4 to the door test done with 100 or 150 feet of hose at the test, it definitely looked like more than 100 feet, please let me know and Thanks for all the great info and tips that you provide,

  4. No actual test needed, it's simple math. The main advantage is the quickness of the setup. 2.5" is just faster. Most guys stop doing the 4 to the door for that reason, especially on long runs where it's needed most.

  5. Where did you buy that vacuum gauge to do the testing for inches of mercury and what meter would you recommend to test for CFM

  6. for anyone interested, I carry 250ft of 2.5" and 50ft whip of 2". When I have to run out 150ft, that would require 200ft of 2" vs 100ft of 2.5".  THAT's a lot of hose to have to handle.  Plus, how much air is the wand allowing.  I started with 3" and dropped to 2.5. I found it to be the sweet spot.  Fittings are no problem.  

  7. Great video. Thanks for the honest testing in our carpet cleaning industry. Keep up the good work.

  8. Confusing hook ups??? come on….if you can clean carpets and figure out how to get out certain stains, you should be able to use 2.5" fittings….Also if you had something bigger then a doughnut for a hose reel, then the 2.5 shouldn't make that big of deal… Plus how many jobs do you do regularly that you need over 100-150'??? not many, and if you do, you probably know it and bring extra hose.Running stock 4 to door on some machines is also more like 3.25 to the door..take that into acct to.

  9. I have a 68 blower and most of my work is commercial and when you put 600ft of hose the 2.5" hose is a drastic difference over 2". 4 to the door would be rediculos in my case

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