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5 Must Follow Tips For New Auto Mechanics | Latest information about hand tools

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5 Must Follow Tips For New Auto Mechanics | Newly updated handsets.

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5 Must Follow Tips For New Auto Mechanics
5 Must Follow Tips For New Auto Mechanics

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What does it take to be a good auto mechanic? If you are a new auto mechanic or new technician there are some things that will really help you in your automotive career. Including some advice from Joey Logano’s crew chief, on what it takes to be on a NASCAR team.

Join me today as we discuss:
~Knowing your role as a new tech
~NEVER stop working
~Give it a try first
~Be patient technician(it’s harder than you think)
~Advice from Todd Gordan, Joey Logano’s crew chief
~and more

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  1. Lmao stuff I learned by doing before watching, nice to understand it’s practically the same in every shop

  2. 22 years old and my brother in law helped me get a job at his shop. I’m working 50 hrs a week minimum and getting paid GOOD. But money aside, it’s a little discouraging not knowing a lot of what I need to know. As a kid I could take quads and dirt bikes apart , put them back together using the same parts and it would run better than it ever had. But cars are a WHOLE other ballgame by god.

  3. I am currently going to a trade school and it embarrassing for someone who no experience in automotive industry but willing to learn Lod Willing

  4. I respectfully disagree with your second tip. Some people come in and are green and don't know how the day to day operations are. That's why there is this thing called training. Of course when they get done they're going to look like a deer caught in the headlights. They aren't familiar with the environment. That's why it's your job to coach them up, to give them things to do that develop a routine. That's incumbent on you. It doesn't mean they are lazy or whatever, it means they're lost and need someone to show them the ropes until they see the pattern.
    Granted, if a month or so down the road you tell them to stack tires, and when they are done they just stand around, then you might be dealing with a character issue that needs to be addressed. But until then you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. You could push someone to quit who would have ended up being your most valuable employee had you just invested in them.

  5. This biggest thing to me is making sure that everything that is already or can go wrong soon is caught and noted to be shown the the driver. Nothing worse than doing a set of tires and getting a call from the same customer a week later that the brakes are grinding.

  6. Buy a old junk car and tear it down to the chassis. The engine to the block the transmission to the case.

  7. Dont buy tools off the trucks. Look for who makes the the truck tools, and either buy from them, or best yet look for "used like new" tools from pawn shops, ebay, and garage sales. This will save you literally thousands of dollars, and piss off your coworkers when you have tools as good, if not better than theirs, and arent making payments for years.
    Same goes for tool boxes, if you are dead set on a Snap On, Matco, Icon, or Mac tool box, check out local sale pages on facebook, i see $25k snap on boxes going for as low as 10k in new condition. I also see very frequently the 50-65inch range tool boxes going for about 2-4k with that are brand spanking new on those pages. Off the truck these normally are 7-10k, keep that in mind!

  8. Just dropped out of college and im about to start working full time as an apprentice tech at a local honda dealership, im excited as hell. My life finally feels like its going in the right direction.

  9. Don’t stand once you finished what you suppose to do start butting in other peoples business or start dancing 🙄🙄

  10. i am 15 yrs old and becoming a car lover and starting to understand car culture this video is really helpfull for me couse i am constantly helping out my father

  11. @4:54. I cannot say how many times I have said to my self.
    Let’s try what’s the worse that could happen. It’s already broken. And then the trying facilitates the fix or advancing knowledge.
    This doesn’t necessarily apply to auto repair etc. I work IT/programming and thought process works there to

  12. Learn by doing and don’t be afraid to feck up. It would be better if shops interviewed potential hires and find out if the candidate has heart. Question number 1, tell me a time things went FUBAR? Question 2, what did you do?

  13. Stay busy, that is golden advice man. For 1, it makes the time go. Sitting there doing nothing makes the time drag on and on and on. I'll wipe down tools, sweep floor, clean the solvent tank…… something anything just to stay busy while I'm waiting on parts or in-between jobs. I'm honest with it. I always did well in all my jobs, because I was always doing something that needed to be done. Even if it was to make the time pass quicker so I could get home and work on my own stuff.

  14. Thank you for this video, Im starting tech school in a week and this video really reassured me that my personality and mindset makes me excited to go into this.

  15. Would it be acceptable for a new tech to pull out there phone and Google the problem if something simple?
    Also valid example on the "set the clock" if you can't learn to do that then you sure aren't going to be able to learn to do timing jobs,etc.

  16. best advice do it as a hobby , stop now ,do something else . Its nice to know how your car works and how to fix it .But the magic and your love of cars will fade away as your understanding grows . Unless you become specialized , very advanced or own your own business it will not make you rich . Its mostly proper hard work , dirty ,smelly ,painful , stressful and underpaid .
    If you like a challenge and then some , give it a try , you will have a mountain to climb . Its not for everyone .
    People who loved lego as kids or messed about with motorbikes as teenagers , or loved taking things apart meticulously to see how they work .Those are the kind of people it will suit . If that's not you think again .

  17. Good luck with these kids today.
    They think that they are entitled to be at the top of everything , when they know nothing.
    Guess what kid's
    We can see right through you.

  18. Thank you for this video! I am 17 and trying to look into how I can get myself started in the automotive industry because at this point I have never ever worked on a car since my parents won't let me lol and don't know anybody who knows about cars. I am trying to look up a ton of different YouTube videos about car repairs and stuff but I know nothing beats hands-on try and fail learning. I am trying to find car porter jobs at dealerships and stuff similar to that in order to get my step in the door and maybe learn about more things. I've also been trying to look for jobs at places like Take-5 where I could learn things like oil changes and stuff without needing any prior experience. But thank you for the videos because they give me a better idea of how to navigate unknown territory. Thank you!

  19. You are awesome your video helped me and made me want to get involved more in the field I definitely will be checking out more of your content thank you

  20. Humble Mechanic, my car is making a whining sound but only when my wife is in it. Could you tell me what the problem might be.

  21. Hi humble mechanic.
    I wish I had met you earlier, in the Mid 1990's when I left school for college but since I have moved away from mechanic training and would like to work back on cars as a technician but more of a enthusiast level,but if an opportunity arise which are very slim then why not.I have depression and anxiety problems but with time I realise at 40 yrs old ( maybe life does begin at 40) I am quite rusty at mechanics, at the moment, but I would like to try my hands again at re igniting the passion for vehicle mechanical geniusnous.
    Any advice for a forty year old.

  22. The mechnic don't make the tool box i made my living with a 3 stack craftsman over laoded

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