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5 Tips For Prepper With Little or No Budget | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject 5 Tips For Prepper With Little or No Budget? Are you looking to see prepping on a budget? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

5 Tips For Prepper With Little or No Budget | Best garden tools for you.

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5 Tips For Prepper With Little or No Budget
5 Tips For Prepper With Little or No Budget

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  1. I use food pantries to stock my prepper pantry.
    Cash only side hustles to buy food and even pay some bills.(ei money order for rent payment)
    My credit is fair and I have no debt.
    I am disabled, on SSI & SNAP, as well as living in HUD.
    I used the stimulus payments to stock up at bj's using my pastor's membership card. I also invested in a an all in one air fryer that dehydrates so I can dehydrate foods. Also, a greenhouse and other gardening items. I am now growing onions, garlic, herbs, lettuce, sweet potato, spinach, lettuce, kale, and a few easy to grow foods. Since I live in a blue state that hates the economy, I have received PEBT aka plandemic ebt. So I stock up every chance I get. There is certainly opportunities out there. I wish you all the best of luck patriots. You are the best community in the world. I love you.
    God bless you all.
    God bless America
    God bless Trump✊

  2. My wife does not wish to contribute to shtf prepping so the prepping is on me and I live on almost $800 a month my half of bills is around $500 so I have a little under $300 left monthly of that sadly I am addicted to nicotine so that take up close to $60 of it leaving a little over $200 hundred a month I have for prepping so a lot of times I go to a thrift store or catch things on sale as far as the food portion goes this guy is on point as far as prepping supplies fishing poles, bows, crossbows, pellet guns, tents, sleeping bag, slingshots, knives you can find at thrift stores yard sales ECT. Also if budgeting still does not help with all this learn to make it yourself many videos can help if you have enough smarts and common sense WOW I am saying all of the same things he is but I'm still watching this video

  3. I have a good paying job but I am a single mom of 3 and its a real struggle! I would make a lot more money if I could get OT but unfortunately I get none. I have started selling my plasma just so I can save to buy my kids school clothes. I spend all my extra money on food and other essential items. I started to sell clothes and stuff we no longer need or use. I agree with you sometimes you have to change thanks to make a better life for you and your family!

  4. Also, watch frugal channels on YouTube. There are so many out there that talk about how to stop living paycheck to paycheck!

  5. could you do a video on whether I should buy freeze dried food for barter or should I keep buying silver when I can.

  6. JJ I am a smoker. I have been a slave to these chemical killers for more than 30 years. I've quit twice, once for 3 mos and once for 6 weeks. Your message here has motivated me to stop this madness once and for all. I love my family and I never want to be a burden because of the choices I've made. I lost touch with you a couple of years ago but I'm back. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for never judging.

  7. Concentrating on just one type of prepping while your prepping will dampen your prepping and can lead you down a rabbit hole when it comes to money. When I first started, I began working on skills and started acquiring things needed for those skills. One example was with flint and steel. I found an old file helping someone cleaning out their garage. I walked away with quite a few items that helped with my prepping. While acquiring things to aid my prepping I found that I could find free things on craigslist. This was a great resource for me. I found that while doing this it aided me to not spend money on other prepping items and able to start buying food preps. Since relocating things got tuff as I'm now retired and my wife and I live on $600 a month. Prepping funds got real tight. Not done prepping yet, Since relocating I have managed to get free sweet corn an canned 95 pints of free corn only costing me my time. I got a free box of roma's and canned those as well. I also got potatoes real cheap and canned 75 pounds of potatoes, I also got 50 pounds of onions cheap and in the process of canning them and dehydrating them. Another thing I do is tell friends and family that if they want to buy me gifts to give me items to prep with. Such as jars and lids to can with. So prepping with little or no money can be done, as stated you just have to be creative and you will be amazed at what you can acquire. Oh, I score 3 kerosene heaters for free because someone needed extra space in their garage so they could park their car in the garage. I also scored free can goods on craigslist. You'd be surprised when your not trying to keep up with what others are spending.

  8. Knowledge is free online, use library computer and books. Don't learn crap. Priorities, you choose where your money and time goes. Alcohol, cigarettes and such is gotta stop. Some very useful items don't have to cost much. $ 12 mora knife. Most people can save money on food. Yes it is a sacrifice, priority. How bad do you want to do it? no easy way out. NO smart phone NO unlimited use payments. Flip phone for necessary calls only . NO pay for tv.

  9. Thing is, if you haven't already begun to prep, it's already too late. It will take thousands of dollars and enough space to store everything that is needed and a lot of people just don't have the space or the time to buy all of the essentials needed. And, yes, some people are living on just bare essentials.

    Two things I disagreed with in this video is 1) You don't need a phone. You absolutely do need a phone of some kind for emergencies and when you've got kids, it is absolutely necessary. 2) You can move to a different area that would be cheaper. If you're already living paycheck to paycheck you don't have money to move on. It costs money to move! U-Haul rental, gas, and possibly storage fees.

    When you haven't been in someone else's shoes, it's hard to tell them how they should do things.

  10. Unfortunately nuclear reactors are not the only threat we face – dirty bombs and nuclear strikes are also a threat – but all need not be lost – there are precautions we can take to mitigate the damage – and that’s what prepping is about – facing threats head on and preparing as best we can – here’s a video on steps we can take to protect ourselves from nuclear fallout whether from a reactor meltdown, a dirty bomb, or a nuclear strike 👉

  11. Here’s a link about the kind of safety back ups that must be in place to slow or stop a meltdown – but ultimately these safety back ups would require some form of electrical power to keep cool water circulating thru the core – so these safety back ups would fail in a total grid down situation. Here’s the link:

  12. Unfortunately there are many aging nuclear power plants still running in the US but even in the newest, safety minded plants like those in Canada – keeping the nuclear fuel cool would ultimately be impossible during a total grid blackout that lasts more than a few weeks – so nuclear power plants, especially older plants, could not be safely shutdown during a total grid failure. In fact, no power plant can be ‘shutdown’ – the core and the spent fuel must be kept cool – otherwise there will be a meltdown.

  13. I think you’re wrong about how reactors keep their core cool – The nuclear material at the core has to be kept continually cool – it doesn’t remain cool without the constant circulation of cooling water – so if the generator power runs out the fuel WILL melt down –

  14. Food forage! Tons of free food might be right in your backyard – seriously – a fun topic to explore with kids – take a hike in your area and learn to recognize edible plants – cattails are delicious!

  15. While making that mindset change – which I totally endorse – don’t be too proud to go to a food pantry once a month (and give back by volunteering a couple of hours a month if you want to give back) or join a food coop. Change your shopping habits – 50 pounds of rice and bulk beans from a Sam’s club or Costco’s is dirt cheap. 👍

  16. Great video idea, 👍🏼. I try to get people to AT LEAST stock the free and/or inexpensive items when they feel that they can’t prep for financial reasons. I’ll definitely be back to catch up on more videos. 👍🏼.

  17. This is one of the best videos I have seen on youtube. RealTalk. Skim $50 per month off a budget, put $20 towards food and water, the rest towards everything else. The 1.0 Shield at my local shop is now $279, the Maverick 88 is $209, the Thompson Center TC10/22 is $239, S&W M&P Compact 2.0 is $389 and that is Massachusetts. MA sucks, most of you have it much better than us. The glass is always half full…just stay vigilant and do what you have to do for you and your family. Make it and save it because no one is gonna give it to you. No matter what you do, don't give it to the interest a holes. That is your wealth, you earned it. You and your family deserve it. Credit is not the way to go. Cash is King – Dave Ramsey

  18. The Dave Ramsey app does help to get your finances in order 100%. Never will I take a loan again. If I don't have the money to buy it, I don't get it.

  19. I work 72 hours a week so I can prep. A few more items and I am going to start saving for a program that will get me a better job so, I can move out of Commiefornia. Create small goals first. Things you can accomplish in a few weeks. That will get you going. Every goal a accomplished will encourage you to keep going and work more so you can accomplish more. Work on being resourceful. Reusing things. I make fire fabric with laundry lint and vaseline. I save my old spice containers for the fire fabric I make.

  20. Another suggestion for knowledge. Visit thrift shops and second hand book stores for survival manuals and especially books on natural herbal medicines. You will not be able to just walk into your Walmart pharmacy and refill your drugs. Learn what natural plants can substitute for PRX drugs. Get one with color high res pictures and detailed descriptions on recognition, preparation, strengths, and dosages.

  21. Another source of firearms for those on a budget is USED firearms at a pawnshop. Most do not have fixed prices and are willing to do some dickering on the price. Just take along a friend who is knowledgeleable and can give the potential purchases a good examination. Guns will last decades if not centuries and still be very functional. Some holster wear will not affect its functionality. I have bought many used guns at smaller gun shops and pawnshops that still have lots of life left in them. So, don't turn up your nose just because you aren't the first owner. In fact, there are some benefits. The guns are usually broken in and the internal components have been polished from use.

  22. I would suggest if possible to get a 2nd part time job,,,that’s what my wife & I do & that works too

  23. With all due respect Sir, giving up your cell phone can severely limit internet access – and without that we couldn't watch your videos ( and some of us NEED to watch these! 😱) also, wanted to mention that if you qualify, community food banks can be a possible resource.
    Also thank you for sharing your knowledge about all this stuff, up until six months ago I had never even heard of prepping or SHTF. There are still a lot of people that have no idea what I'm talking about when I have asked people about this topic, so I'm not the only one that needs to be seeing this stuff! Thank you again.

  24. Any male who has NOT served or serving in the US Military should NOT be allowed to vote or own land! Help support this movement!

  25. Some good advice. No matter what plans must be individualized. Start with paper and pen with page 1 "what emergency's do I face" and go from there.

  26. a good resource if your broke and you need to prep food… is …. go to the food bank. if a person is that broke then they can go to the food bank without guilt as it is there to help. take the money you save on food to start prepping small items you need …. use goodwill and thrift stores to look for items you need . you may be able to find them used and in decent shape there.

  27. I loved this video. I can relate to the person that wrote you on this subject. I'd love to see that house that was made from pallets that must be awesome.
    Lastly, how do we keep conservatism and conservative ideal alive? Teach your children what's important Duty Honor Country Hard Work and Be Respectful. That's how we keep ourselves relevant.

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