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$50 Subwoofer Installation | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject $50 Subwoofer Installation? Are you looking to see best 10 inch subwoofer for the money? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

$50 Subwoofer Installation | Latest information about hand tools.

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$50 Subwoofer Installation
$50 Subwoofer Installation

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Today we installed subs in Gus’ Porsche 944. This video shows the complete installation and wiring, minus mounting the amp and sub box. We installed a used Boss Audio R1100M amplifier to power dual 10 inch subs made by Pyramid, which cost a total of $50. They look pretty ricey but honestly sound decent. This video would make a good tutorial / how to, as we show all our techniques and tools used.

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best 10 inch subwoofer for the money

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  1. Experiment with wires to speakers and try crossing them on sub box speaker one positive positive negative negative … then positive to negative and negative to positive to make series circuit

  2. Watching this video made my testosterone drop significantly! At some me point during this video I felt my breasts getting sensitive and my testicules ascending up into my body. I would compare the cameraman’s humor to be about as funny as newborn baby being thrown into a wood chipper!

  3. I'm thinking of buying the same subwoofers from amazon for $130 how do they sound are they loud?

  4. Okay so I have the exact same stuff in my car, I have one positive and negative wire… is it ok to cut it in half and used two half’s of it to get both sides to work… if that makes any sense

  5. good fun gentleman unfortunately some of the children out there don't understand that you're just joking around duh

  6. If you want decent bass out of those subs you need to open the box and wire them in parallel, i know those boxes only come in 4 ohm configs so youre basically taking the 1100 watts and dividing it by 2, and then by 4…. so youre essentially getting garbage from them. If you wired them in parallel youd be getting closer to 275 per sub. With the standard config youre only getting 275 watts combined which is pitiful. You could be running 550 watts and really making some noise if you wired them parallel.

  7. My dad has that same car, but it has the turbo & suspension upgrade from factory & it has other mods done to it, when those are upgraded or even the turbo version alone they’re stupid fast, ours will easily pull 50 quick in first

  8. That cost WAY more than $50 but it was still a good video. I bet that beats up more than you showed it did. Also, that box isn't right for that car but I'm sure you know that and this is an old video lol

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