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$500,000 Earthroamer ULTIMATE Camper Tour | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject $500,000 Earthroamer ULTIMATE Camper Tour? Are you looking to see f150 camper? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

$500,000 Earthroamer ULTIMATE Camper Tour | Best garden tools for you.

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$500,000 Earthroamer ULTIMATE Camper Tour
$500,000 Earthroamer ULTIMATE Camper Tour

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We take a look inside the infamous Earthroamer Overlanding vehicle.
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f150 camper

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  1. I think people misjudge what all you are getting with this thing and they end up thinking it's way over priced, aswrll as saying, "You can save $400k and just buy a camper that has all that". Truth is, that is not true. There is so much stuff under the surface that these over land vehicles have that make them more than "Just a camper". Like the fact that everything about this vehicle expect for the Chassis and some small items are completely custom and hand made. This thing has built in systems that help operate and maintain the whole vehicle, not just silly solar Panels and running water. Think of a Ferrari or something, a hand built car typically worth around $300k – millions of dollars, and for what? A nice looking car that's made with some carbon fiber? I honestly think this ER LTi is perfectly priced for what it is. You pay just as much as you would for some new supercars, but the only difference is that the capabilities are endless in the LTi. This overland vehicle wasn't meant for your average consumer. It's not supposed to fall within the price tag of the middle class, as does a lot of things. All of us would understand if we were all rich, but we aren't, so if you are one of those people that really think you can get the same thing as this for $400-500k cheaper, you go do that, and I bet you'll find things immediately that this LTi had that your camper doesn't.

  2. If wishes were true I would own one and live the rest of my life in it but wishes are fairy tales you'll never happen you make them awesome product they are the best campers I have ever seen in my life keep up the good work

  3. What gets me is how this unit has outside Bose speakers. That's what all nature lovers need. You can blast death metal at the wildlife.

  4. Hope this guy isn’t anything to do with sales most boring and unenthusiastic tours I’ve seen

  5. Lmao. Dude your showing a camper truck. Chill out "us" "we" "custom" " moving into the cabin area" looking ass. Lol trying to sound all proper. Shove that 500k camper up your ass. The funniest thing about the whole thing is that yall chose a Ford to haul it around

  6. $500K 🤣 Earth roamer? You're roaming another fucking planet. For that money I could pay to convert a large 8×8 military truck such as a MAN KAT which will A) give me 3-4x more space inside B) get me further off the beaten track and C) be able to carry the extra stores I need to sustain myself for long periods away from civilisation.

    These mods by Earth Roamer are nice, really nice but I am struggling to see why they aren't more in the $150k bracket perhaps pushing on towards $200k for something really nice. Half a million dollars can get you a hell of a lot more elsewhere.

  7. if you wanted to travel to 5 different states, it would be cheaper to be a 100k home in each state, then sell them or rent them after LOL

  8. It's pretty awesome but yea like most comments address it's pretty darn expensive compared to other campers, but this also has some extra off-road utility. If money would be no issue I would love to have it.

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