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9 Best Pop-up Tents and Fast Pitch Models for Instant Campsite Setup | List of best hand tools

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9 Best Pop-up Tents and Fast Pitch Models for Instant Campsite Setup | Best hand tools for you.

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9 Best Pop-up Tents and Fast Pitch Models for Instant Campsite Setup
9 Best Pop-up Tents and Fast Pitch Models for Instant Campsite Setup

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It takes forever to put up a tent and the time spent on playing around with countless poles, ropes and pegs could easily be used to actually rest and enjoy the quality moments with your family. Luckily, the manufacturers of outdoors gear have come up with an ingenious solution in the form of fast pitch or even instant tents. In this episode of Must See Tech you will see these unique designs, which will ease your life and will become irreplaceable part of your vacation equipment.
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0:37 #1 2019 Cinch! Pop-up + Tunnel
With Cinch there is simply no fiddling around with poles, due to the unique pop up system it could be up in seconds. Moreover, with the unique color-coded takedown system packing up the tent is just as easy and wont take longer than a minute.

1:47 #2 Quechua 2 SECONDS 2 / 2 XL
2018 Quechua 2 SECONDS 2 and 2 XL tents mount in 2 seconds, easily fold using the provide guidance system, and can withstand 31-mph winds and heavy rains.

2:58 #3 Coleman Galiano
Coleman Galiano is one of the brand’s most affordable and easy to use models that is sold in 2 and 4-person modifications.

4:08 #4 Coleman Fast Pitch Air Valdes 6L
Coleman Fast Pitch Air Valdes 6L is a 6-person tent model that can be pitched or deflated single-handedly with the process requiring less than 10 minutes.

5:17 #5 Kiwi Camping Kotuku 4/6
Kiwi Camping Kotuku is an inflatable tent model by the New Zealand based manufacturer of outdoor equipment. The tent has 4 and 6-person variants, but most of the company’s stock has already been sold out despite the $1000-per unit price.

6:27 #6 2018 Core Equipment 6 / 10 / 12
Core Equipment is a small privately owned and founder-led company which operates from Kansas USA. Their main mission is to manufacture gear that wont hold back modern day campers, so an instant pitch tent is a must in the shop assortment.

7:37 #7 Vitchelo 2
Vitchello is striving to become America’s most reliable family camping brand and a company that first hand participates in the quest to escape the 9-5 grind and reconnect with nature. One of the most attractive entries in their lineup is a 1-second pitch tent labeled as Vitchelo 2.

8:43 #8 Lightspeed Outdoors Mammoth 4
Lightspeed Outdoors Mammoth 4 features an umbrella-like setup mechanism and an oversize bag, so it is pitching is as “no-fuss” as it can be. It has integrated poles and a single wall construction, requiring just minutes to pitch.

9:52 #9 2019 Gazelle T4
The T4 is the most popular tent in the Gazelle Tents lineup sleeping a family of 4 or even 4 adults. It has a unique patent pending pop up design which allows the tent to stay fully assembled at all times resulting in the 90 seconds setup time. ..

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  1. Very well made. Held up in a rain storm with no water coming in. Was my first time camping and was worried that it would be a very bad turn out but I felt secured in the tent. Zipper is very iffy. It's a bit too wide to fit in the trunk of a car (2018 Chevy cruze) so keep that in mind when packing or traveling with it.

  2. You no longer need to spend precious time on setting up a tent. Just pop up one of these and your campsite is ready! Share your opinion about the instant tent systems, are they any good?

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