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A 2018 Ford F150 Raptor gets some Focal K2's Installer Diaries 204 part 1 | Latest information about hand tools

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A 2018 Ford F150 Raptor gets some Focal K2's Installer Diaries 204 part 1 | Newly updated handsets.

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A 2018 Ford F150 Raptor gets some Focal K2's Installer Diaries 204 part 1
A 2018 Ford F150 Raptor gets some Focal K2's Installer Diaries 204 part 1

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  1. Love your videos, Can you just replace the door speakers without using the zen1 on a B&O F150 audio system?

  2. 200w to the mid? Crutchfield lists the set as 100w. I would think that meant 100w per 6.5 and tweeter.

  3. Why do you put the roadkill on after you mount the speaker bracket? Is there any advantage to doing this rather than putting the roadkill on first?

  4. What where the actual door speakers wire colors ? And did you actually cut them at the kick panel and connect yours ? You are the only ones that have explained how complex the door grommets are and alternative , seen some videos of them drilling out parts of the door connection grommets to run wire thru

  5. wow sick system. I myself have that same truck & would love to know what it would cost me to do that to my truck ????

  6. Quick qestion for you guys. I have 2019 Raptor with B&O sound system. I am collecting all parts of new system. Focal K2 in doors , 2 JL 8" subs, ZEN …. my question is what amp should i go with to run whole system and what else do i need?

  7. Do you ever cover the door cavity access hole when doing the road kill, some forums were recommending it to make the door more of an enclosure to get more mid bass or is it not necessary?

  8. Man i wish i was closer to your shop so you could do my raptor. Where can i get a 4 8" Kicker L7 box like that? maybe ported if possible. Do you know of any shops in the NC area that you would recommend.

  9. Thumbs down for hacking factory wiring. You can run plenty of power thru the grey plug back through the factory wires. Maybe you dont have the time to do so but if you hacked up my truck I would have a problem with that.

  10. That angle on the 6×9 placement in the front door is quite nice. Have to give Ford some credit on that anyway.

  11. I have a Focal SB27 in my trunk running on a JL 250/1 and the fucking thing absolutely hammers. Focal makes some serious gear.

  12. I wonder about that giant access hole in the doors and what they do to the sound. Don't they act as giant way wrongly sized port openings? And with that plastic covering that opening, does anyone ever get noise or flapping sounds from it?

  13. I put the fast rings in my G6…. then I see this. Don't cut the front, cut the back… to notch it for the bar in the door. GRIPES!!!

  14. Good job Fernando! I know there's always pressure to get it done as fast as possible, but I can tell you take pride in your work and do it right. Though the pressure is there to get it done fast, you're blessed to work in an install bay that has the tools and product to do the job right…and Dean as part of the team to learn from. I see big things in the industry for you in the future.

  15. Thank you for Posting All the New Info about the Audio System Version…. this might be why I Aquired a Signal noise at a Very Low Volume from Factory Head Unit on a 2019 F-250 after using the PAC piece

  16. Just ran stinger speaker wire thru the doors of my 18. It was a pain but so satisfying. It's different when you have all day to do something.

  17. What does Fernando drink in the morning? He sure moves fast! Lol awesome job as always!

  18. Did Fernando really chop the plug off a new raptor because the customer was to cheap to buy the adapter 😳

  19. Fernando, how did you get that monster of a truck in the bay…..lol. He is going all out with that equipment, good to have that kind of coin.

  20. Finally something close to what I have in my Raptor. I didn’t have good luck with the navtv zen a2b so I when high level into a audio control D6.1200 full active for mids and highs and a lc 1.800 for the sub.

  21. As factory things go, how was the stock system performance? Drooling into the morning coffee cup at what's going in.

  22. I have an RP-2000.1D coming in the mail as an upgrade to my current setup. Things are about to get slap-happy!

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