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A Full Day Of Pressure Washing With No Chemicals | List of best hand tools for you

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A Full Day Of Pressure Washing With No Chemicals | Latest information about hand tools.

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A Full Day Of Pressure Washing With No Chemicals
A Full Day Of Pressure Washing With No Chemicals

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This video is about A Full Day Of Pressure Washing With No Chemicals

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📺 See more about the pressure washing tool setup I am using here:


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  1. Hi Ashley. I have just quoted for a job and the pathway has lights built into the pathway. Not seen this before. My question is. is it safe to pressure wash the pathway? Of course I would be mindful of the lights. Just wondered how you deal with this? Thanks

  2. If your looking for space try a gro works flexi tank if getting tight in your van. Great vid cheers

  3. Hi Ash, not sure if you’re still answering questions on this post but I’d assumed pressure washers worked off a hose from the customers outside tap. I must have got that wrong ..

  4. Great video. Can I ask why you didn’t use hypo on the three jobs.

    Going to include jet washing to my gardening business. Thanks for all the info and tips. Your pricing videos and honestly are first class.

  5. How do you clean with no chemicals? Is water not a chemical? I mean is anything that we can physically interact with apart from light or sub-atomic particles not a chemical? Sorry for being pedantic. I know what you mean, just couldn't help myself. lol

  6. I didn’t catch what your min charge was on pressure washing? I’m just starting out that’s all

  7. So maybe a silly question mate, but when do you use chemicals on a job ? Thanks for the great vids.

  8. Question,
    So today I got a cleaning job of a painted kitchen yard…..
    Well it was full of grease (years old) how would you have takled it?
    Really not happy with how iv left it tbh

  9. Love the video's so entertaining & informative, I am looking at buying an Evolution pressure washer like yours from ac pressure washers, can I ask the model and specs of yours as their's a big choice and price difference in their range, cheers

  10. Love the videos, Do you find you can do these sorts of jobs all year round? Or is it mainly seasonal?

  11. Hey man, Im planning to start a pressure washing business. Do you mind giving me tips how start? Would like to discuss this to you if possible thank you

  12. Love your videos mate ! Is it not possible to pull water from your van for your pressure washer ?

  13. Hey mate, what nozzle tips are in your cleaner? We have similar set ups I have 02-015

  14. Nice jobs done there Ash it's a very therapeutic and satisfying job isn't pressure washing and with surface cleaner very little to no mess

  15. What spec is your pressure washer ? Also when you are using the flat surface cleaner does it remove all the moss and small weeds from the joints.

  16. So that is like a 1 day job? Finish all and go back to the 1st job once finish the 3rd job to apply sand if all in close area. Awesome job

  17. Hi ash, what would you recommend the minimum psi to be to use a surface cleaner? Also what bar of pressure? Thanks mate

  18. On the 2nd job what was leaking out of the washer? I could see water spraying everywhere.

  19. Hey nice work but i really need to see make a video starting from preparations . like connecting the pressure pump and also the chemicals you use before using the pressure washer

  20. I mounted my pressure washer in the van and have garden hose and 100m pressure washing hose on reels (30m high pressure hose on reel and a couple of extensions wrapped up.
    Never have to lift anything and just pull hoses out.
    I managed to fit that and a facelift compact system in a bipper so doesn't take up much room once you take it off the frame and bolt it through the floor. Very small footprint.
    You're a machine Ashleigh smashing the jobs out.
    If the customer has a hose reel also you can park 50m or more away from the tap and still work.
    Try a soft coconut broom for brushing the blocks off once sanded. A lot quicker.

  21. Nice job Ash 👍🏻
    Just finished a roof soft wash and a driveway pressure wash.
    I deep clean drives and sell a yearly soft wash, no more sanding and done in a fraction the time.

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