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A High Quality Angled Head Micro Die Grinder & Engraver Tool. | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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A High Quality Angled Head Micro Die Grinder & Engraver Tool. | The Best Power Tools.

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A High Quality Angled Head Micro Die Grinder & Engraver Tool.

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An excellent quality angled-head micro die grinder and engraving tool from Banggood. For use on all types of metals, wood, glass, plastic and porcelain. Great for deburring intricate work and engraving. SEE BUYING LINKS BELOW:-
90 Degree 3mm Pneumatic Micro Air Die Angle Grinder Mini Polishing Rotary Kit —
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  1. I've had some trouble getting the right bit size the ones that came with the grinder is 2.95 mm but the ones I by for the 3 mm chuck is 3.15 mm ? I think the are really for the 3.2 mm grinders 🤨

  2. Is the handheld tool supposed to spin at the end? I just got an my-2 bench grinder, and I would like to try carving designs in wood.

  3. Where can I buy replacement collets for this. I bought one of these but when fully tightened, the bits are loose in the collet

  4. Looks like a nice addition for the shop Steve, have not seen this one until now, thanks. Cheers Doug

  5. I truly respect you and your advice, instructions and teaching. But are you becoming a spokesperson for Banggood? No disrespect intended but an honest question

  6. The outer sleeve on the airline should be slid along and attached to the tool acts as a silencer and keeps the cold air away from your hand

  7. Very useful Steve – I have a regular one but reckon the right angle drive could be super useful.
    I'm lazy with oiling – just add a few drops into the supply hose. I keep the air supply oil free because of other things that need dry air.
    The sound is totally reminiscent of our 'friend' the dentist LOL. :)

  8. nice review Steve,i purchased one a while back, from Harbor freight, years ago, and still have it……but now a days they are making them smaller……….take care till next time…

  9. God video Steve,are you not paying taxes for the things you buy in china.In Denmark we Can only buy for 8 pound taxfree,after That we most pay tax and vat for the items we buy.

  10. Hi
    Can u demonstrate what EURO standard air fitting is like. Here in Strata we had Ryco, Pem, and James fittings popular till the NITTO fitting made its way in via the airtools sold to tradies. The Nitto has very good airflow but it hasn't made its way into industries such as manufacturing or auto repair. Do you have a real preference for one style or are you stuck on the ones your grandfather left behind in his backyard shed?

    Steve Callachor. 34 degrees south. 151 degrees east. 38 degrees celsius

  11. These are very handy with a small rotary sanding disc fitted. Good for surface finishing. The disc pad screws into the collet nose thread. The sanding pads are contact stick on type.

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