A lyrical bridge between past, present and future | David Whyte | List of best cleaning accessories

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A lyrical bridge between past, present and future | David Whyte | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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A lyrical bridge between past, present and future | David Whyte
A lyrical bridge between past, present and future | David Whyte

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With his signature charm and searching insight, David Whyte meditates on the frontiers of the past, present and future, sharing two poems inspired by his niece’s hike along El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

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  1. His poetry and commentary have helped me navigate this year. Thank you, David Whyte, for your well-learned practical wisdom to help me understand life’s marvels and heartaches in a modern world 🙏🏼

  2. “The way forward, always in the end, the way that you came.”
    Such a beautiful and eloquent statement.

  3. “We don’t have a choice about heartbreak, we only have a choice of having our hearts broken over people and things and projects that we deeply care about.” ~ David Whyte (14:50)

  4. I have attended talks by David a few times. He takes us on the journey into life even in the darkness. He blesses us with his words.

  5. You are still as good, if not better, than when we first met decades ago. Thank you for this conversation.

  6. Ahhh thank you David … you take us on a journey beyond our own experiences and open it to beautiful possibilities; an invitation to the ones who have not the courage to explore what we see as not possible but innately feel our heart moved toward something yearned for and you introduce to us the nature of the conversational reality of ourselves our lives, to begin to deepen our presence to explore more in depth our relationship to others who may sense the predigested words we have assimilated as you generously offer up to we ,the hungry birds finding nutrients to digest, assimilating new possibilities to offer up to ourselves and to those we meet along our way.

  7. It turns me off when people refer to themselves as "you", because you are talking about you not us.

  8. I have been a "fan" of David's for years, so insightful so leading into another life yet to be seen.

  9. This may be the finest TED talk I have seen. And I wouldn't have thought so from the title.

  10. Exactly what I needed to hear. I'm so glad that I clicked on this one today. I regained strength to keep going despite the hard times.

  11. I actually like this video, yeah. It was full of poetry and passion, yeah. The way he repeats phrases lets me know how what he's on about, yeah. I think his opinions on the nature of reality is good, yeah.

  12. I don't know how the perfect TED Talks land up in my notifications, but this is exactly the journey I need.

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