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A MUST Upgrade for Jeep Wranglers with Six Speed Trans – B and M Sport Shifter | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject A MUST Upgrade for Jeep Wranglers with Six Speed Trans – B and M Sport Shifter? Are you looking to see best clutch for jeep wrangler? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

A MUST Upgrade for Jeep Wranglers with Six Speed Trans – B and M Sport Shifter | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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A MUST Upgrade for Jeep Wranglers with Six Speed Trans - B and M Sport Shifter
A MUST Upgrade for Jeep Wranglers with Six Speed Trans – B and M Sport Shifter

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If you have a 2007 or newer Jeep Wrangler JK with the 6 speed manual transmission, this is a must watch video because the B&M Precision Shifter upgrade will change the driving characteristics that much… in a good way!
This install isn’t ideal for all “do it yourself-ers”. There is a tricky bit of lowering the gas tank and transmission cross-member to get access to the foam donut and top of the transmission. I go through step by step in the video to show how the at home mechanic can get this done. The hardest part for me was to just get the stock shift knob off!

The shifter is a very high quality part and the housing is made from billet aluminum with internals constructed out of 4140 chromoly steel and will reduce the throw between gears by 35%. I take the Jeep on a test drive after the install to show the new shifter in action.

Plus, I also give a shout to who sent me a cool “pull to eject” decal that goes on the driver’s seat adjust handle and adds a cool bit of flare (might even be good for a few extra horsepower… can’t confirm yet) Check his page out.
Here’s where to get the “pull to eject” sticker:

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  1. With my 2011 manual JK, I've driven 100,000 miles in 17months – city traffic, highway, off-roading and all. I like how smooth (and easy) the stock shifter is. I don't know if I could fight the shifter for 250miles per day (my average day driving). I love the fact that there's no wiggle to the B&M when it's in gear. I've never slipped out of gear with my stock shifter, but that's not to say it won't ever happen.

    When I shift, it's like butter…effortless…no shimmy, shake, or jerking of the transmission. Almost feels like driving an automatic if someone wasn't watching me shift. LOL! I don't know if I'm willing to spend nearly $500 for a shifter that requires more effort to shift for 250 miles per day. I can shift the stock with two fingers, zero effort.

    But the off-roading use of a B&M may be actually of great usage. I only use 1st and 2nd when off-roading. Hmmmmmm, thinking of maybe getting a 2nd Jeep and using a B&M versus using my work-Jeep for it.

    Amazing video! Watched the entire video. Perfect install and amazing detail to what you did to get the shifter in. I'm sure the dog was wanting to play the whole time. LOL!

  2. I have a question, are you still using the B and M sport shifter and how do you like it

  3. You should have way more subscribers than you do, i am impressed with the how to video with great explanations on what to do. I just purchased a 6 speed jku and this is something that I would like to do. How long did it take you to get used to the new shifter? Can you still use the stock shifter with it and it looks like that shifter is shorter in length?Any updates on it after some time has passed, does it loosen up some a little after time or does it stay stiff forever?

  4. I don't understand why anybody would want to have a shifter that requires so much effort to shift. I am a truck driver and we have a long throw in our Peterbilt trucks. Some people extend them even more, so that you can shift them with your finger tips without the clutch. In my video "Shift a 6 Speed Like a Pro" I show how to make your transmission last the life of the car.

  5. I need to get one of these. I replaced the toy transfer case linkage that worked but only barely. I replaced it with an Advanced Adaptors upgrade unit. Now that I can reliably engage both 4H and 4L every time without feeling that I am breaking something it is time to get more precision out of the main stick. Some mods only get used once in a while but this one gets used every time you drive your Jeep. Thanks for this video, I don’t know how I missed seeing it sooner as I have followed your channel since about your second video.

  6. Hi, would it be alright if you just cut the stock foam out so you don't have to drop the gas tank and transmission?

  7. Nice video! I have 08 wrangler bought it about 7 years ago its always randomly popped out of 1st gear. Now it does it every morning! Definitely going to do this upgrade.

  8. Do you still have this Jeep? If you do, how are you feeling about the shifter after a few years. I just picked one up and when it gets a little warmer here in Jersey then I will install it.

  9. Hi Jason, I hope you all have been doing great.
    I really like what you did, thank you, way useful. Only think is that your dog should be called by "PINTA" cuz is "SHE", female way to call a spotty dog.
    she's pretty by the way.

    GOD bless you man, and again, thanks.

    David I. Austin TX>

  10. Just bought a 2013 2D jk last night and I’m glad the algorithm showed me your channel! I had a ‘92 bright yellow YJ back 4 years ago and it feels good to get back in the family. Love your channel

  11. The only manual trucks I’ve ever driven have a stick with some play. Much different than the cars I’ve driven.

  12. I really want that for my jeep. 2008 Wrangler Unlimited with serious shifter wobble and consistent first gear kick out! I know I need to rebuild my transmission due to this first gear problem.

  13. any update on the B&M shifter after using it for 2 years ?
    please make an update video for the shifter

  14. How has this mod felt over time for you? Curious if you still recommend it and how the getting used to it process went, this seems like a great upgrade!

  15. What are you long term opinions on it now that you've had it in for a a couple years? Just put one in my 07 JKU a month and a half ago and its giving me some troubles. Does it give you any problems going into 1st or 2nd or trying to get it out of 4th?

  16. I'm starting to shop for my first wrangler unlimited. I've grown up driving manuals, but not doing serious offroading. Would you do it again, or go auto? Have you worn out many clutches? Thanks for the great content and say hi to Pinto

  17. Awesome Video! This is definitely on my To-Do List. Have you ever considered upgrading the Shift Boot Cover to Leather? RedLineGoods makes some really sweet Leather Shit Boot Covers if you are interested.

  18. What size are those threads? Cuz I wanna get a we are likewise shift knob when my b&m comes in

  19. Awesome video and thank you for sharing. Looks like a great upgrade. I also thank you for showing how to remove the foam, but think I will just order a new one when I take on the project.

  20. Kinda off subject but what exhaust are you running? Is it an axel back? I love the sound of it…..tnx

  21. LMFAO, no one tell him the knob actually comes off super easy with a little tiny screw driver and a hammer

  22. So if I am planning on buying a new foam gasket anyway, do I really need to do anything under the jeep? Can't I just rip it out through the top? After watching your excellent video and reading the instructions, it looks like the only reason you drop the gas tank is to push the foam gasket up.

  23. As time/ miles have gone by, has the shifting effort decreased? How does it feel and has there been any issues? Sorry for all the questions but I've been seriously contemplating getting this kit for my Rubi.

  24. Awesome video. I have a 2010 Wrangler Sport 6-Speed and getting it into reverse is a nightmare.

  25. I've been watching your videos for a few days straight. I watched all the mustang videos and im this far into the Jeep build. And I thought when I first found you I recognized your voice from roadkill! Heck yeah man. I hope I can get into some cool jobs like you've had one-day. And also my YouTube channel does as well. It's a slow start. But it's only been a a few months. Check it out it's called Tools & Cars With Kris

  26. My automatic has the ability to control shift, it doesn't wobble or jump out of gear and its not in the way. Bed part I didn't have to buy a aftermarket part or mechanic risking shooting a bullet out of my butt or get my hands dirty lol

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