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A Spec Ops Dude's EDC Holster Selection. | Newly updated garden tools

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A Spec Ops Dude's EDC Holster Selection. | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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A Spec Ops Dude's EDC Holster Selection.
A Spec Ops Dude's EDC Holster Selection.

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Shawn Ryan, former Navy SEAL from Vigilance Elite, and Manny Gomez from Palm Beach Tactical talk about types of holsters to choose from. The good, the bad, and everything in-between.

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  1. This guy reminds me of an uncle who’s dead and gone. No nonsense and says exactly what he’s thinking. Can’t fault honesty. Kept a grin most of the video. Good stuff.

  2. This video was hilarious. Silly subject. It was obvious you both would rather be somewhere else. Awesome channel. Love what you do!

  3. I have a Harwell holster it's leather on the skin side, and kydex on the pants side. Very comfortable even for guys like me who carry all steel guns.

  4. Imagine thinking plastic fomi clips are good. Dcc or loops people. And anything other than appendix is inferior to other positions.

  5. I love the black arch protos holster. It's a hybrid. Leather and cushioning on the inside and kydex to actually hold your gun with a 2 clip setup. Love it.

  6. Y’all make some damn good holster I got a phalanx concealment in blood red carbon fiber, let me just say it’s the best damn holster I own!

  7. The best part of this Chanel is the content topic selection. This guy knows what the people want, a good business mind.

  8. Shawn on that Phalanx concealment holster what size sweat guard are you running? Thanks for the info as always!

  9. You can feel how many remarks they held back. I’d love to see them just let every single one of them out lol

  10. I'm so sick of researching products before I purchase them, and then seeing Sean come up and tell me exactly what the fuck I need without any bullshit…*sarcastic smirk*…thanks Sean.

  11. Shawn, I'm thinking that initial snap and instant pain, when you drew your pistol, really gets the adrenaline going readying you for a serious "gun fight". Or, maybe it's just a poorly designed product.

  12. If you shwack you’re nuts with that last holster your bad guy might die from laughter. Now that’s a “good shoot!!”

  13. What do you think of the Serpa? Because there’s a dude out here telling me NSW uses Serpas regularly.

  14. I just purchased a Glock 26 as a first firearm. Do you fell that was a good choice? Thank Big Fan!!

  15. Much respect for your service you are the man. That said I feel like there has got to be more you could offer in content. Very generic so far with not much in real learning coming out of your videos. I find it very hard to believe this is all you got bro go eat some milkduds and come back before I have to unsubscribe.

  16. Iwb all the way unless I m in the woods it's on my leg . I got a good priced one on Amazon , kydex with angle adjustment and it's awesome . It don't have that gay paddle and is small and works real well. I had to cut the top for a holographic and laser and now it's set up for me . Quick draw with laser . Holographic for long shots . I just got some bulletproof glass from a bank we redid. We re putting it to the test this weekend . It's super heavy, I'm talking fucking really heavy

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