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ABC Brass Hammers – MADE IN USA | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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ABC Brass Hammers – MADE IN USA | The Best Power Tools.

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ABC Brass Hammers – MADE IN USA

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I ran across these when looking for a replacement for some older worn out brass & bronze hammers that I had. I was surprised to see that they are Made in the USA & thought I would give them a try.

These are cast brass….meaning they are molded into their shape with molten brass & not merely cut bar-stock that is tapped with a hole & a handle added. They are extremely well balanced & tight fitted to the handles (both wooden & fiberglass).

Brass hammers are much better than steel hammers in many circumstances since they are non-marring, non-sparking, and very corrosion resistant.

Non-sparking means that if you work around combustible materials, fluids, or gases, there wont be danger from the hammer hitting an object and starting a fire/explosion.

Non-marring means that the brass is softer than the steel you will be hitting, so any damage will be sustained by the hammer head itself & wont deform the object that you are striking. This is especially important when working on a vehicle suspension or bolts/fasteners.

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  1. Awesome tool for use for with auto and metal surfaces you don't want to damage. Seems like steel would still be preferable in combat right? Tod Cutler makes battle ready medieval reproduction mace heads out of brass is why i ask.

  2. Another important benefit of a brass hammer is if using a drift or similar it helps avoid slipping off the drift and send it flying like a steel hammer would. Everyone sooner or later miss hits, a brass hammer helps.

  3. The wood handle lover in me is grimacing with how badly aimed that handle's wood grain is. Maybe its my love for axes speaking but the grain should be aimed with the direction of the blow, not against it as the 2lb one is.

  4. Great video, but the brass hammer is useless when working on cars. The hammer took more damage than the control arm itself.

  5. Cool review! Those hammers look sick! I also really like my made in England Thor hammer :)

  6. Every tool has its purpose. Me i use dead blow hammers and rubber mallets on cars because i don't want to take a chance braking things . The only time that i ever use a metal head hammer is taking u joints out; i have a ball joint press that will take out u joints it a impact wrench but i can fix a u joints just as fast with a socket and a metal hammer.

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