Adding Second Story to House – Second Story Addition to Ranch Style House | Cheapest cleaning accessories

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Adding Second Story to House – Second Story Addition to Ranch Style House | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Adding Second Story to House - Second Story Addition to Ranch Style House
Adding Second Story to House – Second Story Addition to Ranch Style House

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Adding second story to house is one of the best ways to increase the value of a home. This second story addition to Ranch Style house is one of our newest projects that we’re working on. Sometimes you can’t always build out, so instead build up. If you were to add a second story, you could potentially save time and money while dramatically increasing the value of your properties. Let’s dive in and I’ll show you how to add a second floor to an existing house.

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  1. Any investors or rehabbers out there adding levels or thinking about adding a level to your property. What are you doing now that's working?

  2. Building up is the biggest waste of money and modern construction. It’s about half the cost to build out as it is to build up.

  3. I lost interest when he started describing why we use open floor plans. I was pretty sure we we built the way we did because we had less techno magic to heart and cool, if we did we would have built open.

  4. Hey how much roughly does it cost to fully remodel the bottom half and add a whole new second floor

  5. I wanna do this on my personal and make the upstairs a penthouse with a kitchen and bathroom so I can rent it out and house hack it for 100-200 a night. If I add a pool and sauna I can attract people because it’s awesome

  6. I want to build my own tiny house and I want to build it with wide open floor plans and 20-25 foot ceilings. How do I build a house (the walls) going straight up to 25 feet?

  7. You guys ever added a second floor to a church or even a loft.
    How to hold the loft's floor.
    Not money to hire a contractor

  8. What about on a rowhome? I want to build up to increase basement height for 6'5 into 7'5 finished height. Then build out to increase bed and bath space 3/1 to 4/2 . House is 13feet wide and 55 feet long .

  9. Hey Matt, Great looking property that you have going on here. Do you have any updated numbers on the cost + rehab and so on. Thanks in Advance!!

  10. Inspiring video. What do you do if the old first floor is not quite level but tilt on one side with about five inch? Would you level that on top after tearing down the roof, and then add the second floor? Or?

  11. Great video! Oh and the actual reason people are opening up plans, instead of having individual rooms, is because of central hvac and heating. We no longer need to worry about keep great rooms warm or wasting cold air on barely used spaces. Dining etc.

  12. Okay, I love the ideas and thank you so much for making these but… Yeah, you knew there had to be a but… coming, right? When I started watching I was really hoping to learn how to tell when the original structure will support the weight of a second story. Pretty please? Or if you've already done that a I missed it somehow, may I please have the link? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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