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Air Pollution Masks for Bicycling | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Air Pollution Masks for Bicycling? Are you looking to see air pollution mask? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Air Pollution Masks for Bicycling | List of best hand tools for you.

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Air Pollution Masks for Bicycling
Air Pollution Masks for Bicycling

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If you’ve ever been riding in traffic and wondered “is this car exhaust bad for me?” you’re not alone… and yes, it is. I went on a search for a good air pollution mask that would work with my cycling glasses and helmet and found a few good options. I even invented one of my own. My favorite is the Totobobo from Singapore. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ..

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  1. Thanks for the video, very informative! Mirrors many of my thoughts after a semester of 1.5-hour daily riding. Such as that cars have filters so people don't notice as much. For example, biking through a part of town with a factory is very noticeable on a bike, not in a car.

  2. its no good if it does not go over the nose. you subconsciously breath through your nose sometimes/most times?. The Breather pattern is supposed to be breath in through your nose out of your mouth. during the winter the nasal inhale warms/cools the air before it gets to your lungs. plus it spirals the air.
    removes excess moister too? or moistens the air.
    mouth breathing causes dry mouth.

  3. I tried a vogmask with double vent but still doesn't have good air flow. Does the totobobo have good air flow?

  4. great solution for dusty Bethel Alaska. now to find a solution for lung health for baby's and children.

  5. I just bought totobobo.much better than respro.respro is sliding down on your neck,is hard to wear and leak around your nose and cheeks and your face is sweating because of the neoprene .Expensive.Take totobobo.My experience

  6. Thanks for the useful review! After 7 months of daily cycle commuting in London, I feel that I need to get a pollution mask, with all the diesel buses and lorries. After looking at multiple independent reviews the Totobobo looks the best. My only question is how long does each filter last for you/how long between replacing filters?

  7. I like how simple the last one is but it seems cheaply made like that strap would break or get stretched out easily, there has to be a better design… I will keep searching, but thanks for the vid and I agree it is a good message to drivers… their pollution effects everyone around them. Do we really want to live in a world where the air is so toxic everyone has to wear breathing masks? I am also shopping for a mask because my crazy neighbor sprays pesticide at me whenever I am in my backyard gardening, whatever it is makes me dizzy, my heart race and gives me a headache, I can't make him stop so I need to invest in something to protect my health… probably something more heavy duty than the bike mask…  

  8. Did Totobobo gave extra filters with the mask? How much did it cost and what were given with it in the box?

  9. It's got = it has, jeez these English speakers don't know how to speak bloody English.  

  10. Thanks for the comprehensive review of Totobobo mask. It pretty much covers all the key points. We've recently release an improvement model. The filter lock ring is now integrated and stronger. It is also easier to breath through. Would you like to update the review? We can send a sample to you! 
    Wada, you don't see many people using any mask in Singapore because it is a clean city. More than 95% of our products are for export. 

  11. Hi Nicolás! The truth is any face mask is a bit uncomfortable and the Respro smells like carbon and can be dusty. It heats up a little because it's fabric and the air doesn't flow through without having some resistance.

    I prefer the Totobobo because it allows you to wear glasses and I don't mind breathing through my mouth. The filters don't include carbon and air flows more efficiently but may not be quite as clean as with the Respro. My Respro also felt small and tight around the back.

  12. would you say that using the respro without glasses and cycling fastly (not just riding but trying to go fast) is uncomfortable in terms of it heating up your face? and, while wearing the totobobo the way you do doesnt breathing exclusively through your mouth get uncofortable too? thanks…

  13. It would be nice to see how dirty the filter gets after a month of use.

    By the way, the one you made yourself could be less clunky if you cut off some extra pieces off the in/out valves? Maybe it'll make it less clunky and lighter!

  14. I tried that but the metal piece and foam are thick enough that it doesn't feel great with glasses and won't fit a normal nose piece so the frames ride up higher. I really prefer the totobobo mask that only covers your mouth and not your nose. They are inexpensive and have replaceable filters.

  15. Could you perhaps bend the nose piece on the Respro Mask for a tighter fit, so that your shades sit on your nose properly?

  16. This is the BEST customer review of the Totobobo filter I have seen to date! Thanks for being so thorough. It solidifies in my mind how simple and high quality the product is compared to other solutions. I was using a Weir N99 mask previously, but this seems more cost-effective and convenient.

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