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All About Air Nailers for Woodworking – Woodworking for Beginners #16 | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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All About Air Nailers for Woodworking – Woodworking for Beginners #16 | The Best Power Tools.

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All About Air Nailers for Woodworking - Woodworking for Beginners #16
All About Air Nailers for Woodworking – Woodworking for Beginners #16

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Air nailers also known as a brad nailer have becoming commonplace in woodwork shops in the past couple of decades. Pneumatic tools are handy, easy to use and come in a variety of sizes or gauges that are sure to fit the bill of any woodworkering for making jigs, attaching finishing molding to furniture pieces, temporary clamping, glue-ups and more. Many times a air nailer is also called nail gun, but there is a difference between the two tools that we’ll go over in the video.

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  1. If they’re square why did you draw circles? Don’t mind me, it’s my nature to be explicit… a retired submarine mechanic!

  2. Good video for a beginner like me, thank you. Would have liked to have seen something about air supply as well.

  3. Just found your channel bec of this suggested video. This tutorial is so helpful. New subscriber here.😊

  4. OK so don't use Tackwise stuff then. Got it. R.W. Emerson: "If a man makes a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to his door."

  5. Thank you sir! I wanted to understand the function, now I know. One more doubt, is the gauge decides to what thicknesses of wood. Like what if we want to nail two one inch thick MDF or any type of wood.

  6. I have a question regarding the nailer tips. Your (and all other) 18g nailers seem to have a pointer tip, while the 16g nailers have that big hoop for a tip. Why is that? Do the two nailers have significantly different intended purposes? Thank you.

  7. It was a demo on nailers, not really examples on which one to use.
    Say you are gluing up 2 pieces of plywood 3/4" each and instead of clamps you want nails. Which one to use? 23 gauge look to small to hold anything heavy. Those even go trough 3/4"
    16 gauge look like they are designed mostly for hardwood. Dont know. Never explained that.

  8. Wow Thank You !! This was a Great video, I appreciate the versatility and how genuine it felt watching. I honestly felt the same way you expressed about the stapler !!! Electricity isn’t always accessible outside. Hahaha
    Most importantly I really really really wanna point out the introduction specifically The Vision board.
    INSPIRATION OVERLOAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have seen somewhere that those nails sometime take a sharp curve left or right when entering the wood (path of least resistance).
    On thinner pieces of wood, that could cause the nail to punch out of said thin piece of wood if tool is parallel to wood.
    Nailing a piece of trim/molding should therefore be performed with the gun perpendicular to wood, as this way, there's a lot more space left and right to account for curving nails.

  10. Personally I prefer arrows stapler that shoots brad nails because the handle is reversed so that when you are shooting either one the pressure is directly over the entry point which helps avoid your staples or nails being proud of the work piece

  11. i have a tacwise 18g brad air nailer and i have to say i like it and it was good value. think i now want a 16g for bigger nails….

  12. So simple, fast and clear 's , way's to learn's! Now, can become a diy's, boxes , furniture 's , and wooden ' s ! Works are so happy's with !( learned and trys , so mush fun

  13. do you have to have a different gun for different gauges ie can an 18 gauge nail be used in a 23 gauge pin nailer ??

  14. Is it true you should store air nailers with the air chucks pointing up? Someone told me if u don’t store them upside down so the oil won’t drain out the chuck. Never knew if it was true tho

  15. exellent sir iam happy to seen your vedios i want to trinig with you sir please send me working visa iam came to you

  16. In your video, are those brads or nails? I am new at this but need some clarification. I have a Brad Nailer air gun and made a box rather quickly.

  17. What size were those Brad nails that you put in stapler? I know they were 18 gauge but how long? Thanks.

  18. I will be building floor to ceiling kitchen shelves for heavier things like a microwave and heavy mixer. As far as guns all I have currently is a brad nailer. So what do I use that would provide the most support, brad nailer and glue, dowels and glue or a finish nailer?

  19. Little addition on the bit at 8:25

    It keeps sticking out a bit because of recoil. Press down on top of the nailer and it will nail flush with the wood

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