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All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits | Fasteners 101 | Most-Buyed Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits | Fasteners 101? Are you looking to see diamond tip drill bit for stone? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits | Fasteners 101 | List of the Best Power Tools.

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All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits | Fasteners 101
All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits | Fasteners 101

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Masonry materials like concrete, brick and block require special drill bits to drill out holes for screws and anchors. These drill bits have a carbide tip and feature an SDS grip to attach to special drills.

In this video, our fastener specialist goes through several varieties of carbide tipped drill bits and tells us all about them, their uses, and cutting capability.

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An updated version of Bob’s favorite hammer drill, the Bosch Bulldog:

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diamond tip drill bit for stone

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  1. I don't it you willrespond to this but I'm learning the blacksmith I was wondering what Quality Steel is a Bosch or a Hilti carbide masonry drill bit thank you

  2. What type of bit is needed for drilling 1/2 inch hole into ledge rock, granite, not concrete?

  3. Stop calling it an Sds Max!
    You have an Sds Plus in front of you. Comon man. You cant make a video about something and not know the name of that something

  4. Dude, you don’t have to pull down on the chuck to put a bit in. Just push it in and twist. Then pull down to remove it…have you been doing that for 15 years????

  5. Hello, thanks for your great informational video. I was wondering if you could help me, I am planning to attach 2×2 lumbers into a concrete slab. The 10×20 chicken coop will be made from assembled brackets and 2×2 lumbers. My question is what type and size screws vs what size drill bit should I use for it to work best to attach the lumbers into the concrete. By the way I have a Bosch 8 Amp masonry Rotary Hammer Drill.

  6. How about do u need to drill pilot hole first and if your using 1/2 bolts do u use same size drill bit ??

  7. If your going to produce videos and post them here, you should know the difference between SDS Plus and SDS Max…do your homework first!!

  8. The small drill bit is SDS Plus, used in machanical inpact hammer drill , the size from 1/2 " and up is SDS Max used in pneumatic impact system hammer drill / some is SPLINE /. Performance of drilling depends on inpact energy : ft-lb , see specification and I have found the HILTI is the leader, but very expensive. Regular chuck drill is good up to 3/16 bit corded and 1/8 for cordless hammer drill.

  9. Thanks for the video. I recently bought a pack of Bosch masonry bits that fit into an impact driver, and am really pleased with them for making 3/16 up to 5/16 holes. Far more portable than my Milwaukie M18 SDS hammer drill, they work great for inserting plastic anchors into block, or tapcons. Now, I just need to lug around my SDS for larger jobs. BTW the Bosch bits can go through metal, and i find this really useful for attaching weatherstripping or alarm contacts to metal door frames that are filled with concrete.

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