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ALL ORION CAR AUDIO BUILD! PROUD TO BE LOUD! | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject ALL ORION CAR AUDIO BUILD! PROUD TO BE LOUD!? Are you looking to see american made car audio? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

ALL ORION CAR AUDIO BUILD! PROUD TO BE LOUD! | Best hand-held repair tools.

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FULL Build Walkaround and Demo of an ALL ORION Car Audio Build. Checkout the FLEX from the Subs inside with this HUGE AMP Powering them!
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Chris gave me a great walk around and demo of his build with all Orion Equipment. It did Great Numbers for the power clamped as discussed in the video plus can do solid hair tricks and play lows while still being musical. Talk about an insane Build for all Orion right?

Orion HCCA 22K Amp
4 Orion HCCA 15s Walled
Orion HCCA SPL Subs
2 CES 270 Amp Alternators
Shurikan AGM Batteries
Wall tuned to 37Hz
Meters 157db+ at 42Hz
Clamping 3,476 Watts at Peak,
^Clamping higher at other frequencies…
Orion Tweeters
Orion Speakers
Orion 6.5s
Orion Super Tweeters
Orion Subwoofers
Orion 4 Channel Amps
Orion Monoblock Amplifier
Owner Built in 3 Weeks
4 15s Walled Driver Port
Team Orion Audio
Custom Wooden Door Panels for Speakers
All Orion Build
CJ Autosports
Orion Car Audio
Intro Song: Intentions, Youtube studio music
Show: TDH Show 2019

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  1. I need to know where to purchase these orion HCcA amplifiers. Can't find these 3000.1D or 5000.1D no where

  2. sucks i cant bang my subs like i used to this lock down sucks stay safe bro shit is crazy now

  3. I LOVE MY XTR 750.4. IT used to be called 1000.4. Both have 120 amps of fusing for massive class AB goodness.

  4. Alternators will not keep up with over 1200 amps of current, plus the mid and high amps

  5. Jesus those 4 hccas and that red amp or worth more then that whole 2 door blazer. But still thats an awesome build id hate to be in a demo for the sake of my organs 😂

  6. Chinese Rubber , Korean Circuit Boards = short lived operations either torn ripped Speakers or Faulty electronics…. leaned this after 3 months of Modern Day Orion ownership . Day and Night from mid 90's Arizona Orion hey DAYS …

  7. Beautiful Orion system Jacob! I love the diamond tuck interior and the exterior in the rear! That amp he has is huge. I think that is the 17K amplifier if I am not mistaken. He must have his amp gains turned down pretty low to get only 3400 watts or whatever he said. My Vital Power amplifier is rated for 7000 watts at 1 ohm, but we all know they can almost do double that rating. I have done over 11k at .08 ohms on burps that are not my resonant frequency. Every one wanted to see what my amp could truly do at a show so I burped at 55 hz and clamped 11060 watts then burped at 35 hz and clamped 11051 watts. I clamp a little over 9k at my resonant frequency of 45hz and do high 155's.

  8. That's a bad ass builds… U got ny highs and mids from Chris…. Cheak out my build on ig SPLWILSON and fb Kevin Lamar

  9. How is he only clamping 3476 watts with that huge amp? did I misunderstand something? He even has two big alts and a lot of batteries. Shouldn't he be clamping way more power than that?

  10. That looks so nice! That amp rack and stunt wall is fuego.. wait dude is only clamping 3500 watts at his peak… on a 22,000 watt amp.

  11. The guy said they were the SPL's. Those don't look like any SPL's Ive ever seen. Look at the magnets when Jacob films inside the box. Thats not an SPL. Am I wrong? To do a 157 at 42hz on 3479watts with 4 15's?? I hate to call anyone a lair if I just don't know for sure, but I don't know man. The whole thing don't seem right. Badass build though. Badass HCCA 22k

  12. Nice asz build that bass coming outta there very strong nice job good ish 💪💯😎‼️🤙

  13. Still learning but how would you recommend me setting up my doors if I’m running 4 6.5 and 4 tweeters in each of my doors? Would I run 1 amp per door or something else. All suggestions are welcomed. Thank you for the help. Extra info that should help 4 doors and the speakers I will be using are Apocalypse AP-M60S V2 (150 RMS each) and the tweeters I’ll be using are Apocalypse AP-T25 NEO (45 watts RMS each).

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