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Alpine | Brand Specialist Spotlight | Unboxing the R-S69C.2 Speakers | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Alpine | Brand Specialist Spotlight | Unboxing the R-S69C.2 Speakers? Are you looking to see alpine sound system reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Alpine | Brand Specialist Spotlight | Unboxing the R-S69C.2 Speakers | Best hand tools.

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Alpine | Brand Specialist Spotlight | Unboxing the R-S69C.2 Speakers
Alpine | Brand Specialist Spotlight | Unboxing the R-S69C.2 Speakers

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Watch as Alpine Brooks unboxes and breaks down the Alpine R-Series R-S69C.2 Speakers.

With the R-Series speakers’ innovative material that delivers more output, the speakers produce a dependable performance for a loud and fun experience.

If you play your music loud and want others to know, the R-Series speakers are the match for you. You’ll enjoy a center sound stage with speakers that play loud and clear without distortion. The R-Series speakers are tuned with an emphasis on the high- and low-end frequencies, so they deliver power while naturally producing bright, active sound. They are the perfect power and performance match for the R-Series subwoofers and amplifiers.

The woofers have a large, 35-millimeter (mm) voice coil which allows for more coil windings to fit in the gap. This results in greater heat dissipation and increased power handling, for superior control and output.

The R-Series speakers incorporate Alpine’s patented High-Amplitude Multi-Roll Surround (H.A.M.R.) for control and accuracy. The component models use a crossover with an in-line, passive design and reduced footprint, which contributes to easier installation.

The R-Series speakers use Alpine’s exclusive cone technology, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), which is a high-strength, lightweight material. CFRP can be custom-formed so that its fibers align in the same direction as the curve and shape of the cone, thereby reducing resonant peaks and increasing the speakers’ mid-bass performance and dynamic range. CFRP is also used as a tweeter diaphragm, enabling the speakers to perform into the 45kHz range and making them compliant with High-Resolution Audio playback.

The R-Series speakers use a neodymium magnet which gives them a shorter overall height, compared to other speaker brands. The R-Series speakers also use a new, shallower grill design. The result: An improved fitment design that lets the R-Series speakers fit into tighter install locations without sacrificing motor force.




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alpine sound system reviews


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  1. Hey bro i bought these speakers for my Toyota Tacoma. I want to get the most of them. Do you think I should get an amp for them? And a line out converter? I do not want to add subs so would that matter? I’ve watched all your car audio videos by the way. Thank you for everything

  2. If only you could design an integration dash kit for the new 6 gen Camaros it would sell like hotcakes

  3. @AlpineTV, do you know the approx crossover frequency on that set? It's not listed anywhere I can see 👍

  4. Buenas tardes muchas gracias por estos videos pero seria bueno con subtitulos en español para Colombia.

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