Applying Masonry Paint With Bosch PFS 3000 – 2 | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best

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Applying Masonry Paint With Bosch PFS 3000 – 2 | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Applying Masonry Paint With Bosch PFS 3000 - 2
Applying Masonry Paint With Bosch PFS 3000 – 2

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Bosch PFS 3000-2

Main Benefits

• Allows one to paint from the top of a tall ladder without specialist equipment.
• Allows better coverage per coat than roller brushes. Less coats needed than with roller brushes.
• Requires less effort than painting with a full size single-hand roller brush.
• On maximum setting it can put down a lot of paint per stroke with a broader fan than that seen in the video if the circumstances allow. However care must be taken with the overspray and splashback. In the video I use the small nozzle, minimum paint flow and low air volume to maximise control and minimise splashback. On a plain wall with no overspray issues I could have taken far less time per square metre by using the large nozzle, maximum paint flow and high air volume.
• Robust and good quality product.

Points of Caution

• Care must be taken with overspray. Any paint that misses the target flies a long way. Wind can pick up droplets and splashback and deposit them even further away and in unexpected random locations.
• Cars and objects of value must be moved a long way away from the target or be covered.
• Paint consistency and application technique matter. A bit of trial and error will be required, specially with masonry paint which the instructions specifically say it is not suitable for (however as my video shows, if you dilute the paint to the right consistency then no problem).
• It is better to do the detail first with brushes or rollers and then spray the large areas in between.
• Whilst the paint reservoir’s plastic is not affected by solvents, the foam gasket used between the reservoir and its red lid is, so be careful. The gasket is necessary so that air pressure can push paint up into the nozzle. A few replacement gaskets are supplied.

Bad Points

• None – the Bosch PFS 3000-2 is a robust and good quality product with a defined range of uses. I chose to use it outside this range for my two videos. I am confident that it will work perfectly well indoors with the appropriate paint and paint consistency. ..

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  1. I bought one second-hand the other day, mainly for varnishing woodwork, and maybe the smaller model would've worked better for that, but I'm also hoping to use it when I do some painting on the inside of my house before selling it. But I'll be sure to get ALL my stuff out of there and cover up the carpets before I start up the spray gun!
    As you've said, the over-spray is horrendous – but I guess that is the nature of the spray gun beast! – especially with the smaller objects that I'm using it for at the moment, but you didn't mention in your first review if you were pulling the trigger in all the way or not. I presume you were using the no 1 setting, but did you pull the trigger up to the stop on that setting or did you just feather it so that it was JUST spraying? That's something that I haven't seen mentioned either in the manual or in English reviews – there seem to be more reviews in Slavic and other languages than English and I wouldn't know about them, obviously – but which I think is rather important to prevent too much spray medium from ending up on your object being sprayed at one time, causing running. I think you should've let your model plane's wings dry after the first or second pass and given it another coat, btw! :-)

  2. Sir thanks for the review but spray machines are the best u dont need rulo.
    Its necessary to wait th drying period of the sprayed paint.And than u must spray the second paint.No need to rulo.just wait for to dry.

  3. these spray guns are the future also for car painting I have seen a video of someone painting a car with this machine but the result wasnt good at all. but if you dont care about the looks from close up then its no problem really.

  4. Thank you 4 making this video, i think i will get on 4 me to, i will paint my basement whit thick Whitewashing, it have a rough surface and with the brush is a pain in the as…

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