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Are JBL speakers in the Tacoma worth it? | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Are JBL speakers in the Tacoma worth it?? Are you looking to see are jbl subs good? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Are JBL speakers in the Tacoma worth it? | Best hand tools.

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Are JBL speakers in the Tacoma worth it?
Are JBL speakers in the Tacoma worth it?

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In this video I review the premium JBL sound system available on the 2016 and newer Toyota Tacoma. Here is a detailed look at the system and my impression as an owner.

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Front Speakers: Kicker CS series

Rear Speakers: Kicker CS series

Link to Replacing Kicker Tweeters in Subaru Crosstrek:

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  1. The problem with the JBL system isn’t the speakers, it’s the inability to set the tweeters and sub volume independently from the mains. The tweeters are set too hot in the mix and mid rangey. Put a magazine over the tweeters and the turn up the volume and the sound improves dramatically. Counterintuitive to the untrained ear I know. I’ve been a sound board operator for 20 years. The net result is those tweeters make the whole system way to midrange sounding which the ear perceives as low quality. The issue is it’s a “bad mix.” Someone who is unmusical must have been allowed to be part of the process of choosing the sound set up in Tacoma’s which is unfortunate. You can midigate somewhat by turning the Tacoma midrange all the way down. Leave the Tacoma treble and base at neutral, and then use the EQ in your phone music app which in my case is Spotify, to further pull out some targeted midrange. That will solve the problem by 2/3rds. Turn up 60hz slightly, 150 down, 400 up slightly, 1 down slightly, 2.4 up slightly, and 15 a little higher then that.

  2. Good cost-effective upgrade in 2020/21 is a pair of JBL Stadium GTO930 (6×9) in the front doors and the Stadium GTO620 (6.5) in the rear doors. They are 94+ db efficient and they are 2.5 ohms, so they sound much louder than other 4 ohm/stock speakers. NOTE – NOT to be confused with the lower level, non-Stadium, (carbon injected vs glass fiber woofers) GTO939 and GTO639. I picked up a bundle (one pair of each of Stadium speakers) over the Christmas holidays online for $222 from CreativeAudio). Got a roll of 80 mil sound deadener for the doors off of ebay. Looking forward to quick install. May add 4 channel amp or touch screen head unit later. :-D

  3. Big waste I have in my Tacoma to junk fords BO system is worth it but might do oem audio later on

  4. Does anyone know if you can change the startup image on the 2020 tacomas with jbl premium audio?

  5. My 2011 mini countryman with harmon Kardon sounded so much better. Anyone have suggestions on plug n play replacements for those underwater sounding jbl's? 2020 Tacoma with jbl is my vehicle. I know you can get subaru kickers but with the JBL you'd need a adapter of some sort to match the plugs.

  6. 700 dollars for a stock JBL sound system 😂😂🤣. I have one of the best sounding systems with 2200 watts a pioneer 2 din deaf bonce speakers and 2 15s for 700 dollars💀

  7. The JBL speakers are just under where they need to be for me. A touch more power please! My old mp3s don’t sound as good as the newer stuff. Not everyone is using Spotify for audio. Some of us like FLAC. I have a 2020 Tacoma with JBL speakers. The BOSE system in my 17 year old Lexus IS better, sounds better, fills the car with audio more fully.

  8. I've always gone to my local car audio store and was impressed each and everytime. Wouldn't do business anywhere else

  9. Hi Mike, I have a 2019 Tacoma I purchased in August. I did go with the premium upgrade and the driver side door speaker just blew this weekend. Do you happen to know the model number as at this stage, I just want to replace it with the same JBL speaker. Thanks in advance for your help.

  10. I have the 2018, sr5,stock 2 knob radio and my friend gave me the JBL navi radio would that work with my stock system ?

  11. All bullshit.
    Listen to great quality music in your home.
    A car or truck is just in between your destination.
    The navigation is worth it possibly but unless you put in a aftermarket music system it’s not going to do it.

  12. I drive a 2019 with the JBL package. Bought the truck specifically BECAUSE of the JBL "upgrade". Traded in a 2014 Taco with after-market JL speakers, sub, and a Pioneer head unit. The JBL upgrade is crap. Only audio fine-tuning is high, mid, and low … REALLY?!? It doesn't even have at least a 5-band equalizer in it. With all of the feature-rich head-units out there (my Pioneer was insane with all the ways you could tinker with the sound to get is EXACTLY the way you want it), you'd think car manufacturers would up their game and put more into their systems, especially if a premium speaker company like JBL is going to be associated with it. My '14 sounded AMAZING and now I'm stuck with a system that I really want to rip out but don't have the time or money to replace it. Buyer's remorse, big time. So not worth it.

  13. It’s all about that Crutchfield life…for real. F the stock setup, crap paper speakers. The JBL system is ok but still you’ll be left wanting more…

  14. Even if i get the JBL system, im ripping that crap out and putting Rockford Fosgate speakers in, all 4 speakers and 2 10 inch subs. Im basically taking my stuff out of my camry and putting it into the tacoma. 2 amps as well and a signal processor….

  15. Mike, my tacoma is 2016 doesnt have the JBL audio upgrade, can i upgrade it after i buy it? like 3 years after lol

  16. all that tech talk from JBL dont mean CRAP. does it fucking sound good or not…overpriced crap, go after market if need better speakers

  17. my 2015 taco has stock cheap speakers and actually sounds good enough, has punchy bass and it doesn't have a sub like the JBL tacomas

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