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Aristocob Shop Short: The best E.D.C. pipe lighter (IMHO) Is there an echo in here? | Review best products

Are you searching for the subject Aristocob Shop Short: The best E.D.C. pipe lighter (IMHO) Is there an echo in here?? Are you looking to see best pipe lighter? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Aristocob Shop Short: The best E.D.C. pipe lighter (IMHO) Is there an echo in here? | Review best products for household.

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Aristocob Shop Short: The best E.D.C. pipe lighter (IMHO) Is there an echo in here?
Aristocob Shop Short: The best E.D.C. pipe lighter (IMHO) Is there an echo in here?

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Even though I filmed this video a week ago I noticed that StogieFarts published a similar (and dare I say better) video yesterday, which you can view here:

Visit for corn cob pipes, and visit your local Kwik-E-Mart for BIC lighters.

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  1. Problem with Bic lighters is that they'll burn the rim of your pipe over time. They're not designed for pipe smoking.

  2. Old video but yeah. I never use a zippo. So sick of them drying out after a week. Butane only. Bic or Kiribi for me

  3. EZ Reach Bic lighter or candle lighter, I found work amazing. They don't burn your finger, are smaller than a standard grill lighter, and work the same as a regular bic lighter.

  4. Edc .. A mr brog butane lift arm flint pipe lighter. .with extendable tamper $15. To $20 for the fancier ones. Well worth it .. Lasts years with minimal maintenance ..mostly tightening screws occasionally . and Maybe a tiny can of butane with flints in cap . it has no liquid lighter fluid. To taste or smell The lift arm controls the gas. . simple reliable ..been around for a long time . A mini Bic is a back up or for aircraft travel

  5. YES!!! Please continue with these shorts. They are quick to watch, and always good. I hope they continue.

  6. I think you did an excellent job on this video. I agree about the Bic lighter. I like you're store. Please keep up the video's

  7. I'm with you bud. I'm a 'smeller'. my father is a taster. smells go way over the top opposed to taste and i tend to taste anything i smell just by breathing. can't stand lighter fluid.

  8. First off please keep the shop shorts. As for the EDC Question. There is only one Zippo. Keep em burning. Blessings from Gettysburg Pa

  9. I have a Nimrod Chimney lighter which is cool and Bics are great but I just graduated to a Peterson Thinking Man butane and love it.

  10. My taste buds must not too sensitive, since I have never tasted lighter fluid in my smoke. My outdoor Lighter of choice is either one of my Zippos or Zorros. My indoor or anyplace out of the wind lighter of choice is my Kiribi Kabuto Butane.

  11. what's not awesome about a zippo? they're a pain in the butt, they leak, they don't work half the time…
    just use a bic… you can even use the metal shroud as a tamper for the first light in a pinch.
    forget mini ones though, you pay about the same for about half as much fluid. a normal bic isn't that big.

  12. the cob shorts are a great series. They make a quick listen on the phone when I'm out and about and are waiting somewhere.

  13. Scott I thank you for doing videos I learned proper pipe smoking from your videos the question I ask can I use a butane jet lighter on a Missouri meerschaum corn cob? will it crack the cob?

  14. Can't beat the BIC I agree! I have lots of expensive lighters that do not work as good as bic. That's the sad truth.

  15. Can't beat the reliability of a bic. 4 for 5 bucks lasts months and months. I like gadgets and appreciate the different flavors of lighters. But you can't beat the practicality. What would be nice is if someone made a sleeve for bics with a built in tamper.

  16. Hey Scott! LOVE these Shop Shorts! Please keep doing them, they're an absolute blast to watch and super informative.

  17. I'm a newcomer to pipe smoking (since june 2015) and even a new-newcomer to cob pipes. Your videos are so educational and inspiring to me. Please, do as far as you want or can. Greetings from México. I'm just tuning a corn cob to enter cobfoolery. Not an artist, but I will do my best! Thanks a lot, guy.

  18. I like the shop shorts! I pretty much only use matches to light my pipes but I will use a bic if the need arises. I do taste the butane from the lighter when I use it though.

  19. for me is a box of matches and zippo but with thunderbird insert ,but bic is a wise choice if you kind of busy ,messy and losing stuff ,nothing worthy to cry over.
    i do have a question how do you mange to have your pipe inlight while driving , recently a friend of mine he just gave me a wind cap but it doesn't work with me neither my corn cobs pipe (for a reason it always hold back enough space for air needed for combustion matter)

  20. BICs are great for EDC. I like the zippo when smoking outside due to wind. BTW I am digging these shop shorts.

  21. I like the format, keep it up. Yup, for the same reasons, I gave up on my Zippo. Until such time that I find a reliable butane pipe lighter, I'll stick to wood matches which is OK for me since I don't drive anymore. My big peeve is that I can't even find quality wood matches anymore; they're either made in China or India, and they break too easily upon striking.

  22. Shop Shorts are spiffy!
    Im a Zippo guy myself, but my back up is a turbo lighter insert for a Zippo I cant bring myself to send in to get fixed. Its got sentimental value and its innards were junk a long bit ago…

    And also because I keep losing Bics. :P

  23. I love this series Scott, please keep them going. I'm a matches guy to be honest but I also carry bics as well, I just recently picked up a IM Corona Old Boy that is lets just say "perfect in every way".

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