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Assemble your own pressure washer from random parts | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Assemble your own pressure washer from random parts? Are you looking to see best pressure washer pumps? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Assemble your own pressure washer from random parts | Best hand tools.

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Assemble your own pressure washer from random parts

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Some new and some old parts combined to make a high end commercial pressure washer for half the price.

Honda 13hp with 4gpm 4000psi 66DX Cat Pump.
CAT pump:
50′ Hose:
Wand 4000psi :
Quick Connect Adapters:

Ideally a belt drive will give longer life. Belt drive units are the ultimate professional pressure washers and they will get the benefit from being able to gravity feed out of a water tank, lower pump temps after hours and hours of straight running and ideally more longevity. Personally I will never run this for hours on end nor do I need to gravity feed out of a tank. If you plan on running it for a business, 25+ hours a week, for years, go belt drive. But personally I didn’t want to source pulleys, belts, make guards or spend the extra for a belt drive pump. The cat pump I used has an average lifespan of over 3000hours, so I could use it for 3 hours a week for the next 20years before I need to do a major service.

CAT spec sheets show the only longevity difference is bearing life due to rpm differences in direct(3600rpm 6k-10k hours) vs belt(below 1200rpm/1/3 engine speed 12k-18k hours).

Direct Drive Pump
Pros: Compact design, lower cost, more efficient
Cons: More vibration and heat from motor transferred to pump, higher rpm

Belt Driven Pump
Pros: Longer life from lower RPM, belt absorbs vibration, won’t overheat.
Cons: More maintenance, higher cost, less efficient. ..

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  1. great video i have a pressure washer i found i got it started but seems to be hit or miss if the pump wants to work any recommendations on a real cheap one this is pretty much just a garbage found thing i want to get running for around the house maybe a could little side gigs till i have extra cash for something real

  2. What do you think Gear drive on Honda IGX 800cc motor vs belt ???
    Wanted to perform a home build with gear drive unit
    not to certain on a belt driven unit ?

  3. The biggest issue is people leaving them in the garage over the winter, this just destroys the pumps.

  4. You are in my top 10 of guys that know good stuff. I have over a thousand DIY's in my Youtube library so Top 10 is GOOD LOL. Thank you for helping me learn :)

  5. whats the difference between a pressure pump that has a high PSI rate but low water flow rate and visa versa? I dont understand.. There are pumps with a high PSI pressure rate yet the water flow rate is only 12L per minute and there are pumps that are low PSI but high water ie 18L per minute….. how do you know which is stronger? You would think that the higher the PSI pressure rate the greater the water flow rate but its not the case! I just dont get it.

  6. Hey just have a question I have the same setup except mine is a belt drive I want a hot water pressure washer but they sell pressure pro hot links for about $1700 but will it be safe for my cat pump

  7. I'm retired but work part time for a Cub dealer. Most of the pressure washers we see in the shop are simply no maintenance. They get used once then sit for a year in freezing temps. I bought a new cub cadet with a Honda GX motor. It's a CC3600. I ran it for a couple of hours then I changed the oil in the pump to a good pump oil. After I use it I run water through the pump without a nozzle on the wand. This runs a larger volume of water without creating heat. I also use pump saver in the pump if it's going to be setting for more than a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get a lot of use out of it.
    Great video and nice pressure washer.

  8. Anyone in the pressure washing business commercially will tell you cat pumps are garbage. Cheapest of cheap. General pumps are a much better Choice. You’re completely off on your statement saying cats are great and general are decent. Cat pumps are dollar store pumps

  9. Fake!
    Good job! But…

    If you paying $600 for a pump… then.. "IS NOT WORTHY".

    $600 or close to $700 plus+:
    $300 new motor
    $100 wheels
    $150 hose, gun and accessories.
    Total : $$ "TO MUCH"

    Home depot pressure washing machine around $1000 a nice 4200psi.

    thinking more than $1200 pressure washing machine is just "FAKE"

    Just buy a old pressure washing machine (mostly pump not working) and replace the pump for $400
    In just 15 minutes and ready to "GO"
    probably $600 everything.
    A new nice old-new 4200psi
    "that's the way"

  10. Hi, when you take the pump out of the box you have a black knob that controls the water flow attached to the pump and also a black hose…when I click on your link to Amazon to purchase the pump it does not have that black knob or hose. Did it come with your pump? Thanks

  11. I have general pump as my pump and mine runs for over ten minutes without even getting hot.

    But my 4gpm was also $2000 and is belt drive, pretty high quality.

  12. Great pressure washer! ur2.pl/2323 I like all of the optional spray-heads. Just brought it in for the fall/winter. NOTE: if you leave this on your back porch, and you have a lot of squirrels, bring in the spray heads. Twice the squirrels have taken them from the tray on top. Still missing one! Great pressure washer, glad I made the purchase.

  13. What size are the mounting bolts that u need to mount the 4.0gpm cat pump to the Honda gx390? Where can I buy a kit with the bolts?

  14. Kranzle has the best pump. Period. You can run it idle without water flow, you can’t do that with a Cat. For everyone else, the Honda motor costs $3-400. So $100 + $580 + $400 = the cost of one already put together making your video useless.

  15. Instead of belt drive, one could do chain drive. More maintenance than a belt, but they're nearly 100% efficient at transmitting energy.

  16. Thanks i am doing the same thing. I was given a pressure washer a small one i dont need a big one. When the pump goes in 50 hours i ll put a cat on it when the engine goes its honda time

  17. Got a 2000 5dx I love it so much!! Just change the oil with 30w non detergent every 20 hours or so and keep water ALWAYS going through it don’t burn on it!

  18. just Picked up a USED !!! Ridgid 3300 Pressure Wahser with CAT pump
    also have a NEW "BE" 3000 psi Pressure Washer
    i over Paid for the used Ridgid but it has Idle down Feature – BUT NEEDS TLC
    i think water is MIXING ito the CAT Pump
    Drained Oil 2x and is Milky Color – may need Seal kit ???
    has the SUBARU ex21, No EFI , Regular CARB but also needs OverhauL Stalling

  19. Hi,

    I came across your video, man that's pretty cool you can put one together for affordable price. I will have to keep my eye on people who are giving away honda engine pressure washer with a bad pump.

    I do have a question. Is there a big difference between a 2.5 gpm and 3.0 gpm pressure washer. I get the psi is lower on a 3.0 but with 0.5 gpm between them just didn't seem much in water. Just curious about that. Any input will be great.

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