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Autolite AR3910X spark plug….specs…..research…Must watch !!!! | List of best hand tools for you

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Autolite AR3910X spark plug….specs…..research…Must watch !!!! | Best hand tools.

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Autolite AR3910X spark plug….specs…..research…Must watch !!!!

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Preditor 212, lifan 420, Autolite Ar3910x spark plug …requirements and warning !!!!! Go kart plug….preditor 420….Honda gx200…Honda gx390…. ..

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autolite iridium xp review

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  1. Thanks Paul! I recently broke off my stock plug and was considering the upgrade, saved me some trouble!

  2. Hi. I have a Honda gx 390 without governator, double springs, 23,5mm Carburator and exausth 35mm, and I bought a ar3910x spark plub. You recommend changing the old spark plug (ngk7) for the ar3910x? Thanks

  3. wait so i should or shouldnt run an autolite for my 212? how come you run it in all your engines

  4. Fun fact. Works better in a 163 gx160 than a 168. If you mess around with the coil gap they do work but foul easier than the stock China plugs.

  5. Would it make sense to use the plug on my mud motor, power isn’t my issue, I’d like to be able to run the engine for longer periods of time without it getting so hot

  6. I run a NGK BCPR6EY in a 212 predator on my pressure washer, run the thing wide open, full load for long periods of time no mercy for that one. Runs great. Thing gets so hot it dieseled on me shutting off today, didn't know the small engines could do that!

  7. I swapped out my autolite racing plug for a ngk equivalent. I cut the tip like you suggested,and my predator 212 bicycle runs great now! It fixed my hesitation while goosing it midrange and up top. I would of sworn it was carburetor related,but it was the damn autolite plug. Great video explaining it all. Thank you thank you!

  8. Very informative video! I was wondering why my engine was running so rich and I even lost power. Great video👍

  9. Good video. Glad I watched. That was some very good information. Now I’ll give you some, The Earth is Flat, and it’s not spinning. Before you call me crazy, I’d like you to think about why you believe you live on a supersonic spinning ball? Do you really think that makes sense? Do spinning balls throw things off or suck things in? Does water curve, and conform to the outside of balls? That’s just a few things, I can go on and on, that’s how ridiculous the ball is.

  10. AR3910X on Autolight Website cross references to a NGK 9, Bosch 3, Denso 29 (All brands heat ranges numbers differ for effectively the same actual performance) which as you mentioned very cold.

    One, major thing that should be noted is that heat range effectively determines how hot the tip of the sparkplug will run. So, as you run higher power through boost or compression you put more and more heat into the cylinder. The sparkplug must effectively deal with this heat and transfer it into the cylinder head. Normally, in an automotive situation plugs will deal with heat very effectively because your cylinder head temperature is going to be effectively the running temp of the engine around 195F. When we start to talk about karting we are opening a whole new can of worms and the reason for that is because the cylinder head temp of most well tuned 420cc motors is going to be around 360-400f in a sprint kart/dirt application when running gasoline. This 200degree difference in cylinder head temps plays a major role in the sparkplugs effective heat range and how hot the plug will effectively be running. Also, a 3910X plug checked after a cooldown lap or idle isn't going to give you an accurate reading of how its performing it has to be turned off at WOT at full temp and if you do that the sparkplug will usually look very clean and healthy.

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