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Automotive Electrical System Basics – EricTheCarGuy | Best hand-held repair tools

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Automotive Electrical System Basics – EricTheCarGuy | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Automotive Electrical System Basics – EricTheCarGuy

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Automotive Electrical System Basics – EricTheCarGuy

This one covers the basic components of the electrical system and gives a general overview of their function. We have to start somewhere so we’ll start here.

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  1. Any recommendations when it comes to purchasing wireharness or replacement wiring components?

  2. Why is that anytime I have been connecting my Airflow meter socket, my car doesn't speed or slows down completely during motion, but when I remove the socket, the car picks it's speed?

  3. Hey everyone, the greatest results that ive had was with the Gregs Electro Blog (just google it) definately the most helpful info that I've tried.

  4. The battery stores electricity did we talk about the battery? and that it stores electricity? lol love your videos bud. That made me laugh, that's ok we all need a laugh now and then, right.

  5. He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,

  6. AFTER 3 hours of searching google and YouTube the only video that tells you what electrical wires are for!

  7. Eric . My Toyota avensis 2003 model is my problem started. ,
    I’m driving along and all the warning lights came on with the red battery icon first to show
    The car runs but the alternator Is pushing 18volts
    The battery flattens overnight.

  8. Hello Eric
    Thanks for the video, i started connecting new engine with its harness to my old car. I almost done but i am a worried to start the motor and blow myself because i am not expert but i can read and understand the wiring diagrams also taking care of wire sizes fuses, relays earths,..etc. I couldn’t find someone help me.

  9. I need help I'm desperate I have a 2016 dodge ram and my gauges don't work gas temperature speedometer and rpms only the screen speed an temperature oil gas and everything online on the screen works no the gauges I take it to a shop they can't find anything please help I don't have a job right now and I can't afford being spending money and no results on fixing the problem

  10. FYI for novices like myself. I had a bad battery. It charged right up. Long story short. I looked for everything – shorts, bad wires etc – the ultimate test is the cells. I had two bad cells. The guy at the Battery Doctor demonstrated that with his dimple tool which is something like a coolant tester indicating bad cells. It was the battery afterall even though I charged it fully. I'm sorry, but I do not know the name of the tool.
    So, in the future take your battery yo any garage and they will test your battery cells for free.

  11. Audi a3 power steering light on and no eps. When drive for 20 min, turn car off and on goes OK but when car off 20 min loses steering again. Any idea guys thanks

  12. I can tear apart and rebuild semi engines but when it comes to wiring I just can’t seem to grasp some of it lol

  13. I watch all your videos daily with pleasure I get to learn a lot Will you make me your student?

  14. I love your show. I spend alot of time watching your videos every day. I do have a suggestion for a video and that is about problems with turn signals. I have a 1995 Chevy Blazer and the turn signals are not working. I tried changing the fuse and it didn't work. So if you could come up with a video to show me some other ways to fix that it would be amazing. Your awesome and I love watching your videos.

  15. Thanks a lot for your detail explanation. I'm from Japan and looking forward to seeing another video.

  16. My battery lights staying on lately, my car losing power, I change the alternator and battery three times.. I don't Kno what else it can be.. please help

  17. I'm trying to get always on power from my dome light for a USB device. I'm not worried about draining as I have a very large deep cycle battery maintained by a large solar panel. Anybody know what line is likely hot and what line is ground. It's 2018 Promaster City van. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXtPcuoTYGk

  18. So wait, the battery does what? Lol. Sorry couldn’t resist. Thank you Eric for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.

  19. Hey Eric, longtime fan, finally subbed. You do great videos man. You explain things very intuitively and humbly. I'm upgrading the grounds on my Chevy Silverado and my RSX Type S. What I've got sorted thus far is:

    + Battery to starter solenoid and/or alternator
    – Battery to block
    Block to firewall
    Firewall to frame
    Additional grounds:
    Bed to frame
    Misc additional components
    Looking good so far?

  20. Watching Eric without a beard and with hair looks like an older son of Eric or something like that

  21. Is good now in world and I need this car sell at African country like Namibia , South Africa etc.

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