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Bahco, Klein , Knipex adjustble wrenches review. | Most-Buyed Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Bahco, Klein , Knipex adjustble wrenches review.? Are you looking to see knipex vs klein? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Bahco, Klein , Knipex adjustble wrenches review. | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Bahco, Klein , Knipex adjustble wrenches review.
Bahco, Klein , Knipex adjustble wrenches review.

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Knipex, klien, and Bahco adjustable wrenches. Tool review ..

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knipex vs klein


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  1. Knipex part numbers.
    First two numbers are the model.
    Second two numbers refer to the handle type
    Last three numbers indicate the length in mm.

  2. I have 3 bahco wrenches and sad to say they spread more a slip off the nut compared to my cheap Chinese wrench on stubborn bolts. Also the metal is soft cos it left dints in it. I expected a lot more from such a "renowned" wrench.

  3. I'm an hvac tech in S. Florida, who also loves his Bacho and Knipex wrenches. You get what you pay for.

  4. great video. trying to pic something based off of your video. really like the knipex. i may just go with bacho on price. definitely been into german tool companies.

  5. Hi Emin :) love your videos, I bought the Veto Pro Pac MC on your recommendation. Have you seen the slim jaw Bahco wrench? Just thought I'd mention it, maybe help you out since you helped me with your reviews 👍 keep up the great work

  6. Do you ever install electronic floats on cooling towers? That would make a good video. I just did a few they are fun.

  7. Not only are you the only HVAC guy on here who consistently puts up commercial work (my area as well) but also one of the few who shouts out quality euro tools. I carry Knipex, NWS, Bahco and Wiha and the old timers especially HATE them. But they are superior that's why they are rebranded. My buddy had no idea his Klein was NWS and I didn't know about their adjustable wrenches either.
    Keep the commercial videos coming and here's another great source for that good dope:
    the only place to get a lot of that stuff.

  8. I'm a tool horder also and love my cobra's, bahco big mouths, and most knipex pliers, they are narrow and good for txv work, I'm debating on Bahco's pipe wrench, still on the fence.

  9. Hi Emin, I like Irega adjustables, they make a wide jaw one also. Knipex make great stuff too, i have some of their cutters.

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