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Basic Residential Wiring | The Best Power Tools

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Basic Residential Wiring | The Best Power Tools.

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Basic Residential Wiring

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General materials and wiring techniques for residential wiring
Sam Maltese shows some general information regarding house wiring. ..

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  1. Not sure if it was intentional, but I think we need to get people used to seeing the ground plug on top for electrical outlets (the way you presented it). It is by far the safest way to install an outlet, because if a plug is improperly inserted, any contact made by something falling between the plug and the outlet will almost always make a connection to ground.

  2. Great video, thank you for your sharing, and i have more questions and Business cooperation with you, here is my email:littleace8023@gmail.com. Looking forward for your reply.

  3. Canadian rules? Guess I'm watching the wrong video. I'm in the USA. Here it's six inches minimum from the point where the sheathing is removed from the cable at the back of the box.

  4. When I'm measuring 10 inches of cable I use my…….
    Well, I'll just use my elbow from now on :)
    Seriously, I clicked because I didn't believe you could give enough info in 20 minutes to be of benefit. You actually packed a lot of info in a short time without rushing thru it. Good job.

  5. Sam. This is an excellent video. I like that you took your time to explain things. I’m handy but need help on the electrical basics. Your video is done with the beginner in mind. Thank you for NOT trying to make things look too easy as most other videos do. You took us through the codes, wires, staples, etc. Thank you for taking the time for making this informative video!!

  6. Going to start learning electrical in September and want to get a better idea of what I'll be learning to do, thank you it was very informative and straightforward

  7. when you ground you electrical outlets and switches don't use short ground cable loop it around box ground screw and out to outlet

  8. Could you explain why these Wi-Fi switches require a neutral? Normally they would just have the white and black for power switched and ground.

  9. Well done, very interesting! I’m just a homeowner but I always wondered about the wiring in homes, thanks! 👍👍

  10. Great teaching I am not trying to knit pick but when I first started in construction I was chewed out royally for referring to an outlet/receptacle as a plug. Just saying but great video.

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