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Beginning Blacksmith, Before you take your first lesson. Hammer Control | List of the Best Power Tools

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Beginning Blacksmith, Before you take your first lesson. Hammer Control | The Best Power Tools.

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Beginning Blacksmith, Before you take your first lesson. Hammer Control
Beginning Blacksmith, Before you take your first lesson. Hammer Control

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At our local blacksmith shop or guild we see a lot of students eager to learn blacksmithing but when they get started they cannot hit where they are aiming. This really slows down their learning because they cannot work on technique and projects if they cannot hit an exact location.
First: Hammer, Hammer, Hammer to learn control. Lose grip to not cause the hand and arm fatigue.
Second: Learn to draw out the steel.

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  1. Hey Gary, when I first got into construction I heard several times about left and right handed hammers. I had already been got with the "sky hook" and "shelf extension" so I just thought it was another joke. The old carpenter informed me it was not a joke. He was left handed and showed me his hammer. His was over 40 years old and it showed wear on the left side of the head. He wouldn't let a right handed person use it. Good demo and explanation.

  2. Actually pretty valuable information sirSir. I think its important to learn that basic b4 you try to learn the more in depth techniques. Once you get to a point your going to instructions for smithing I'm pretty sure most instructors assume you know at least how to swing n hit. But that seems to not be the case. Gota get the basics down.
    Thanks for bringing this up.
    🙏blessings abundant
    Crawford out 🧙‍♂️

  3. Great to have you back in the shop Gary!! Good advice on getting hammer control before taking a class. Lots of practice. Wayne

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