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Being a 'Self employed' electrician talk | Thomas Nagy | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Being a 'Self employed' electrician talk | Thomas Nagy? Are you looking to see why i quit being an electrician? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Being a 'Self employed' electrician talk | Thomas Nagy | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Being a 'Self employed' electrician talk | Thomas Nagy
Being a 'Self employed' electrician talk | Thomas Nagy

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Talking about my journey about becoming a self-employed electrician. As you will see there were many bumps in the road and I’ve learned from grave mistakes in the past which ended up costing my lots of money and revenue. Hey ho that’s how life is, but never give up!

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why i quit being an electrician

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  1. I have worked those hours – the times nobody else wants and before I turned 50 the mortgage had been paid off. Keep up the good work Thomas

  2. Great video upload.. Well done to you for over coming life challenges and driving forward!! All the best for the future! I’ve now subscribed! 👍🏾👍🏾

  3. Thanks Thomas that’s really good experience bankruptcy and lost £30K wow, but always think forward because a man can fallen bad but get up and started all over again keep your faith doing the good job keep work as long as work there even Christmas Day thanks Tom

  4. Are you still living in Brent, I'm in watford and came across with clients that are looking for an electrician, happy to pass over details if I have any
    Regards Peter
    CFC Ltd

  5. I'm more impressed with the amount soap coming out of that brush. In Texas we sure wish we can have a car wash like that

  6. Enjoyed listening to your journey except for the constant swearing, which if you think about it, is not not really needed and it demeans your character. Get yourself a swear box and put a fiver in for every time you swear and weather watch it mount up or do yourself a favour and quit swearing when doing videos and in general, it’s not needed.

  7. seeing him mostly talking, with the foam spilling off the brush for £1 per minute I gather…he learned sh*t about money xD PS. are the prices in London that crazy? it probably costs £3-4k to rewire the whole house anywhere in the country…

  8. This is a great video. I'd like to have a beer with you. Great personality and I learned some things from you. Very cool, and amusing.

  9. Wow you been though some crap ain’t ya, fair play for pushing forward mate, onwards and upwards.

  10. Hat off to you mate for making the best of what you can picking yourself back up from bad times to what you have become
    Well done you

  11. Lovely grounding story mate. I worked Xmas eve too… even New Year’s Day – Albeit just a quick element change on mates hob. Fek the haters. You got good tools, good people working for you and a good spread of electrical knowledge. Onwards and upwards!!! Did rewatch the falling lid tho a few times tho a few episodes back,,, save the meter.. oh fuk..oh fuk… wow!! A lot of people would keep that out – just shows you show it as it is and show the ups and downs. If your ever up Nw shout me, would be nice to have a McDonald’s with you. I’m with napit- don’t think we are worthy of even you guys spitting on us.. lol joke…. kinda

  12. Decent video I'm in same situation, have most qualifications need to get NICEIC registered now but haven't done jobs on my own. 2021 is going to be a very different year I think. You can either take the risk and do what you got to do or you can be employed and make someone else rich all your life that's the way I see it. £4500 for a kitchen might have to look at relocating to London ;)

  13. I recently became self employed and this months been really rough, but this video really helped out. I’ve still got work, I’m just gonna keep at it everyday and slowly get myself out of the slump I’ve got myself in.

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