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I show you my bench drill press setup which is a regular drill mounted on a special high-quality drill stand (Wabeco drilling mount). I explain the pros and cons of this bench drill press alternative and show you how I use my drill press.

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* Incra t-tracks: (you don’t really need the ones with the measuring tape)

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  1. For anyone also thinking about getting a similar setup: The orange handle is only in the way of the original bar lever, not the upgrade three-spoke lever that Andreas shows.
    For a drill, I am using one from Metabo because it has the speed dial on top of the machine, as opposed to being integrated into the trigger.

  2. I wish I had seen this before I bought a drill press….
    The impractical switch can be fixed in the ON-position and the drill switched on with a NVR-switch on the bench front, not only more practical, but also safer. In this case I would choode a drill with speed selection on top

  3. Hallo Andreas, schöner Review.

    Ich wollte mal horchen ob sich bei langzeit Erfahrung und Betrachtung des Marktes auch schon andere Bohrmaschinen empfehlen lassen. Ich höre oft und auch sehr gutes von der GSB 21, allerdings hätte ich schon vor, preislich noch etwas niedriger zu schlagen, wenn es geht.

    Eine Alternative war die Einhell TE Id 1050/1.
    Die scheint auch einen guten Rundlauf zu haben.
    Die GSB liegt derzeit leider bei stolzen 200 Tacken nahezu das doppelte

  4. Hallo Andreas, ich stehe gerade vor dem Kauf eines Wabeco Bohrständers und bin mir bei der Säulenhöhe noch unschlüssig. Du hast wohl die 750mm Variante – würdest du diese wieder so für dich kaufen oder hätten dir wohl auch 500mm vertikal gereicht? Würde mich über deine kurze Rückmeldung freuen – danke und viele Grüße vom Bodensee, Michael

  5. Kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich diesen Bohrständer nach Mexiko bringen kann ??? Bitte!!

  6. Good review Andreas I have the woolfcraft stand and it has been ok but I have never been happy about the deflection ( I'm talking about the axial deflection around the column not the vertical deflection that you would get on the X column on the Wabeco stand).

    When the drill first makes contact with the workpiece you can actually see the carriage twist on the main column which can lead to inaccuracy.

    How is the Wabeco stand compared to this

  7. I had one of these stands about 30 years ago, very nice and solid stand. Along with a drill, you can mount a Fein multitool (with fein 43mm collar adapter) for plunge cutting, and any router motor with a 43mm collar that you can use for mortising by sliding the side arm after plunging, or as a general overhead router. Mount the router at 45 degrees and you can chamfer with a straight bit etc. It's also good for edge trim and dowelling. Mount the drill at 90 degrees for grinding wheels, flap wheel, disc or drum sanders and wire wheels or buffing wheels. I used mine with a big Metabo Drill. Lovely setup.

  8. I do not agree that this is a less elegant solution that is not perfect in it's handling.. And also it is not just an affordable solution. I have just sold my Contimac drill press which I found less than perfect. Handling of the Wabeco is just as difficult or easy as any run of the mill drill press. Especially when you change out a few alan bolts with levers and knobs. Next most drill presses are belt driven. If you exert force the belt tends to slip. A regular drill with enough power – like your Bosch – won't do that. Also the capacity of an equally high drill press (75 cm in my case) is far less thant the capacity of the Wabeco. You can even fixate the Wabeco to a table with clamps and move the drill so you can put your workpeace on the ground.which will extend the hight by another 80 cm or so. Limitless possibilities.Also all drill presses lack the horizontal movement option. A set up like this is a good investment as most diy-ers already have a hamer drill with similar capacity to your Bosch. A Metabo in my case. Last but not least this set up is far more transportable than any decent drill press. Professionals can easily stick the Wabeco in their van and take it to the job site. Etc. etc. etc. So maybe less elegant (which is in the eye of the beholder) but faaaaar more versatile and cost effective if you already own a decent hamer drill..

  9. Great corded drill precision stand if you reside in the EU or England. If you live in the US though it’s near impossible. With COVID-19 I can’t even get to my bank to assist me in making the transaction.

  10. The ability to rotate the drill lost me. Now I want a third column. I want the depth stop plunge removed from the main column and a 100mm plunge added to a third column that has a lockable geared rotation at the drill end of the horizontal column. There is no point in having a depth stop plunge on the main column if the drill is at 45 degrees. However, it did me the service of convincing me to hold off on buying the Mafell drill stand while I hope for something better.

  11. Hi Andreas
    I am planning to buy that drill press. I also have very simple solution for your drill switch problem, I have made one for myself, very easy to make and you can even control speed of your drill I can send you photo, let me know if you are interested. Thanks for the nice review, cheers.
    Best regards

  12. Well, it is flexible. But it’s not really that cheap. You keep saying how affordable it is, but it is more expensive than a lot of drill presses.

  13. Hello Andreas,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with this product. I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the angle of the drill in case this is not vertical with the surface of the material you are drilling? Regards,

  14. I have big problem with the housing having lateral rotation play. There are 2 eccentric set screws that can be adjusted to remove it. However after adjusting everything perfectly with no play, after some usage there will be play again. And the adjustment is a huge pain because after you tighten the nuts they will undo anything you did with just the eccentric set screws. And even then if all play is removed then the spring wont work properly. I am wondering if the column I have is defective or if you have the play too and just don't care about it?

  15. Thanks Andreas. I like flexibility and I don't care about the looks! About the drill trigger, I'll just tighten it with steel band and plug the drill cord to a wall socket with an on/off button. My only concern is about the drill speed. I have an old and cheap B&D, not very flexible in usage and obviously it wouldn't be very smart to buy a new drill just to put it in a drill press. So, what about drilling in metal or other cases when a slower speed would be better? Installing a variable speed command would add to the cost and somehow defeat the whole idea of economy.

  16. Wow it's a good drill , if you can make one for me how much will cost me thanks for your video and your time. Greetings from Arlington, Texas!

  17. Andreas, for your drill press, is there such an item available to you similar to this unit I have here in Canada. It is a foot switch which plugs into the power outlet, you then plug your drill into the back of that plug. With this device, you can lock your drill trigger ON and use the foot switch to turn ON or OFF the drill.

  18. I'm using a basic Metabo drill press stand. My shop is very small and I'm also just starting out. So like you I went for flexibility.
    And again like you, I'm running into the same niggles. I really don't like to use the allen wrench all the time for hight adjustment.
    Where did you get these nice orange handles?

  19. Hello Andreas! In my opinion, this is the best choice for an average budget ! I've spent 170 euro instead of 300 euro for a Bosch PBD 40(country of origin: Romania). Is not the same thing, but it`s ok ;-) Good choice! Congrats!!! ;-)

  20. Ich kann mich Andreas nur anschließen, aber er hat etwas ganz Wichtiges nicht erwähnt: Der Ständer eignet sich in Verbindung mit einem Fräsmotor auch hervorragend zum Fräsen! Viele Arbeiten gehen damit viel besser als mit einem Frästisch von der Hand. Ich habe meinen Frästisch eingemottet und fräse fast nur noch so. Komischerweise habe ich noch keinen Youtuber gefunden, der das auch macht.

  21. Danke Andreas für das Video und dein Statement zum Webaco Bohrständer. Wenn ich bis dato noch ein wenig unschlüssig war, mir dieses Gerät zuzulegen, hast Du meine „Bedenken“ gerade ausgeräumt. Noch mal meinen Dank dafür.

  22. The only other thing that would be nice with this press is if the column tilted also. I would love to have one of these in Canada!

  23. could be good drilling sensbile tolereances. I want to see that how it work when under press. when you move head then i can see how is shake. Don't looking stabil. I don't know. Price/Perfomance is not make me happy what i see.

  24. Good basic drill presses are cheap .I only paid 199 dollars for my 14 inch. Works great for both wood and metal and one of my most used tools.

  25. Very cool setup Andreas. I can already think of a couple of projects this would be perfect for. You could alway mount an outlet with an on/off switch behind it or mount a power strip on the side or bottom of the cabinet to the right of your drill press. Or make an NVR or Magnetic power switch which kills power on start up if the power goes out.

  26. Hi Andreas,
    Where can I buy this?
    Please give me more information about the drill stand manufacturers.
    Thanks very much.

  27. So with that particular drill, I assume you turn the speed right down for general wood working? (5 to 10mm holes) … is it still very loud?

  28. Hab auch lange überlegt ob Bosch PHB40 oder Wabeco + Makita HP2071J …. ich werd mir immer sicherer, das der Wabeco das Richtige für mich ist!

  29. Hallo Andreas, ich denke gerade darüber nach, mir auch einen Wabeco zu kaufen. Wenn ich das richtig sehe, ist Deiner ein BF1243 mit der 750er Säule und dem 500er Ausleger !?

    Leider habe ich die Ständer nicht im lokalen Bauhaus / Hornbach gesehen, so frage ich Dich, wie groß die maximale Ausladung zwischen Säulenaufnahme und Mitte 43er Maschinenaufnahme ist. Mit meinem Wolfcraft komme ich nämlich nicht tief genug in einen Gitarrenkorpus, um die Löcher für das Vibrato sauber bohren zu können.
    Ich gehe dabei davon aus, dass mir ein BF1240 genügen würde, aber in den heruntergeladenen Katalogen / Bedienungsanleitungen fehlt halt leider eine Zeichnung, aus der man die wesentlichen Maße entnehmen könnte.

    Gruß ! Tom

  30. Hello from Italy. Hi Andreas, Is the column precise when drilling the wood or does the tip tend to slip? what is the margin of error?

  31. Thank you very much for the professional review. I was just wondering about the amount of flex that you have to deal with in this setup, any thoughts?

  32. Hi Andreas,
    Thank you so much for your review. Thanks to it I ordered my wabeco stand, received it some weeks ago from Germany and now I'm working and very happy with it.
    Greetings from California!

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