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Best Battery Powered String Trimmer For The Money! (THE TRUTH YOU WON'T ACCEPT) | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Best Battery Powered String Trimmer For The Money! (THE TRUTH YOU WON'T ACCEPT)? Are you looking to see best weed trimmers 2018? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Best Battery Powered String Trimmer For The Money! (THE TRUTH YOU WON'T ACCEPT) | Newly updated handsets.

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Best Battery Powered String Trimmer For The Money! (THE TRUTH YOU WON'T ACCEPT)
Best Battery Powered String Trimmer For The Money! (THE TRUTH YOU WON'T ACCEPT)

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Best Battery Powered String Trimmer For The Money! (THE TRUTH YOU WON’T ACCEPT)

Today we give the #verycoolgang some truth that people won’t accept about one of the best battery powered string trimmers on the market that money can buy! Let us know your thoughts on this string trimmer in the comments section below! ..

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  1. The kobalt works great until the motor goes bad. Lowe's doesn't like to Honor the five year warranty. I used it commercially and after a year and three months my motor on the kobalt 80 volt max died. I don't use the weedeater everyday but four days every two weeks and not much during winter months. I brought the weedeater back to Lowe's who refused to give me a refund or another weedeater. After trying to contact Kobalt about the warranty for a week I finally got hold of a representative who gave me a reference number. I had to go back to Lowe's who had to call Kobalt and get a second reference number so I could get an exchange. After going back to work with the second weedeater if I hit some thick grass the weedeater head would stop and not move until I kept pulling the trigger and it would eventually restart. The brand new battery would only last for forty mins after multiple grass cuttings. My old spare battery would still last an hour. So I'm guessing that it was rebuilt and resold. So I have to return that one as well. But not for the original $276 I first spent but instead for the new receipt of $201. I got screwed on the warranty. And lost $75 the trimmer head is also hard to load. The weedeater has a $129 value that's being sold for $276 when you spend that much on a weedeater you should get at least two years out of it for commercial use or a valid warranty. Although I'm sure it may last for five years residential use. These expensive battery operated weedeaters should be built to last for commercial use. Back to Lowe's to make this return and over to home depot to pick up the Ego. Hopefully it will last longer. We'll see

  2. I picked up the kts 120x 40 volt. Great unit quiet balanced no frills easily does the job. Beats the ..out of a friends big buck orange and white….

  3. My uncle got me this combo and they are really good but I can’t ever get the string on right so can you please post a vid of putting the string on

  4. Man, that video title. I don't know if I should even bother watching it if I'm not gonna accept the results…

    Ah hell, I'll watch anyways just to bitch about it in the comments. ;)

  5. Damn Vince, I had to check the date on the video. I thought an old video came up on my feed. If you found the fountain of youth please share!

  6. I had the GEN 1 – DEWALT 20v string trimmer
    Motor Fried after 1.5 years – mind you i was using Thicker 0.095" String
    Dewalt Stepped up with the Warrnty Only after Bitchin and Complaining 2x

  7. 80V KOBALT = HOME RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'LL BUY THAT FOR A DALLA !!!!!!!!!!! Says ROBOCOP

  8. I have the Dewalt cordless trimmer and my friend has the Kobalt. He said he wishes now he had bought the Dewalt. I used his for a minute and yea … he should've.

  9. I have the Ryobi version, and they work great. Whether it's Ryobi, Kobalt, etc. if you are getting tired of gas, cordless has come a long way. If you have a lawn service, might not be great since charging batteries can get hard, but if you own a home or business they are a great option. Plus it's nice not to have to run to the gas station half way through the job.

  10. I just got a M18 QuikLok Trimmer the other day. I really like it. One downside to the Milwaukee, is that you almost have to get the shoulder strap because there is a lot of weight at the back of the trimmer with the battery and motor being there. But it is a plus that the motor is not at the head like some other designs, where it will get covered in clippings.

  11. I bought the string trimmer for $120 at first being that i already had the impact wrench which is pretty powerful. Then they started doing the combo with blower and trimmer for $130. I returned it and turned right around to pick up the combo. For the price whether ur in the platform or not you cant go wrong. The spare batteries are so cheap and actually good quality. $20 for 2.0 ah. $50 for 4.0 ah $100 for 6.0 ah. They were just selling off all the 1.5 ah for $4 a piece and im so mad i missed out.

  12. He sounds just like Vince… Who is this guy… Vince younger brother? 🤣🤣✌️
    Awesome video!

  13. I have that string trimmer/blower combo that I picked up for $130. I love them. I already had the drill and impact so I had extra batteries. I think Lowes could have dropped a second battery in to sweeten the deal, but I love them regardless. The drill and impact are solid also and would like to try out the rest of the line.

    At work we are issued an M18 fuel hammer drill and impact combo so in comparison the kobalt falls short, but it is no where the price and for what you spend on Kobalt you get way more bang for your buck. It is a very underated line of tools. Sleeper pick for sure.

  14. @vcg construction hey guys! Go check out the video I just posted, let me know if you guys heard of these battery adapters.

  15. Nice Kobalt string trimmer Vince. It def works like a beast on all those weeds. The only thing I'll say is I'm already in the Milwaukee M18 platform with the hedge trimmer and pole saw. So, I just ordered the Milwaukee string trimmer attachment from HD today as I'm tired of screwing with my old two stroke Craftsman gas trimmer. It's just too freaking loud, heavy and hard to store over the Winter months. So, you didn't sell me on this Kobalt, but you did sell me on the Milwaukee String Trimmer attachment, lol. Cheers!

  16. Great Weed Wacker ! Great demonstration of a great product! Have a great Monday guys and keep up the great work! 🌞😍🌞

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