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Are you searching for the subject BEST Brush & Roll Exterior Paint. IN THE HEAT!? Are you looking to see benjamin moore fire retardant paint? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

BEST Brush & Roll Exterior Paint. IN THE HEAT! | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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BEST Brush & Roll Exterior Paint. IN THE HEAT!
BEST Brush & Roll Exterior Paint. IN THE HEAT!

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Putting Kelly Moore AcryShield paint to the brush and roll in the heat of summer. The paint performed amazingly well. Also testing the Wooster UltraPro Extra Firm paint brush. This the best paint I have ever brushed outside in the heat of the day.


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  1. As much as I love 1245. I tried the new durapoxy ext the other day and it was the best paint I’ve ever used. It’s on sale right now at KM like a promo at KM. Id recommend

  2. Do you like the Wooster line of brushes overall? I’m looking for buy a few new brushes and would love a recommendation.

    Anthony –

  3. Why wouldnt you just roll the entire frame for a smoother look?
    As for brushes I always use wooster much the time though purdy brushes are not bad brushes either actually I do like purdy white dove rollers better then wooster rollers.
    I never heard of anyone painting their garage door rubber seal? I would guess that the paint would flake off in no time once applied being each time the door touches down on cement the rubber would stretch & break the paint off the rubber.

  4. What about surficant leeching aka weeping among many other colloquialisms? I rolled my house and in a week all these white blotches appeared. I identified it with the help of the net and washed the spots off with a hose. Im wondering if anyone can explain how normal it is. The internet made it seem normal and basically harmless . Is the paint gonna peel?

  5. Good to see you brushing rather than spraying.
    Although in cooler climates youd have to adjust your technique.
    The stipling you speak about is what we in the uk call flashing.

  6. Appreciate your teaching and professionalism! Wish you were here in Florida!!! I'd sure hire you to paint my house. – Also appreciate the Biblical scriptures!

  7. i need to see a video on that masking paper tool and which paint brands give the least clogs with airless sprayers. i tried two strainers in a 5gal bucket with 100mesh filter in the gun and still get terrible clogging. it was an odd brand of paint from the secondhand store. im hoping the sherwin williams paint we have will work better.

  8. Can you review the Paint Zoom sprayer? I see it on TV and I think you can give it a fair review coming from a pro!

  9. Lol. AZ paint life ain't no joke. I've painted in 115° to 120°weather .. this weather in Idaho is like painting in the winter for me here in PHX
    BTW do you not beleive in a rag when you go threw caulking? Lol.


  11. Why didn't you open the door to paint the door jamb? At least crack it open a bit. You would be able to paint the jamb much faster and it would keep the door clean especially if you're not painting it, or if your going to paint it a different color.

  12. nice to see a vet painter cant take the time to lay the drop flat and tape off the door before he even started priming. smh

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