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Best Cold Steel Folding Knives of 2020 Available at | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Best Cold Steel Folding Knives of 2020 Available at Are you looking to see best steel for knives? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Best Cold Steel Folding Knives of 2020 Available at | Best hand tools for you.

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Best Cold Steel Folding Knives of 2020 Available at
Best Cold Steel Folding Knives of 2020 Available at

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Cold Steel knives are unashamedly bold and they don’t care what anyone thinks about it! Check out our favorite folders from Cold Steel right here:

Thanks to the Tri-Ad lock, perhaps the strongest lock on the market, their folders are built for hard work. It underpins everything from their affordable Tuff Lite all the way to the biggest Espada XL. Find out why these knives are so well regarded with our selection of the best folders you can get right now in 2020.

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  1. Love my Finn Wolf it is like a folding Mora. General I don’t care for AUS-8.
    Also love the Bush ranger.

  2. Fun tidbit – on the 4" ti lite you can use the other quillion (and some wrist motion) to flip the blade open.

  3. I have owned the 4 inch aluminium handle To Lite model for several months and love it to death! It has become my go-to knife and my daily EDC! I've been collecting knives for 30 odd years and can't understand why I hadn't given this thing if beauty a spin before. Besides the obvious tactical flavouring, I find this knife perfect for ripping through boxes, opening mail, light prying, cutting tape, rope, wire, food the list goes on. It is the perfect modern urban EDC

  4. Having owned a few Cold Steel folders over the years, while I love my SR1 "tank" (real SR1, not Lite) more than anything else (SR1 feels so balanced in the hand, almost perfect weight distribution), the one thing I dislike the most about them is the pocket clip. Right out of the box, the clip on various models, even though very sturdy, is also so stiff that it's impossible to use the clip "as is". Even after some adjustments, the lethal combination of the clip + handle still manage to destroy the top portion of many of my pockets.

  5. I hope Lynn Thompson and Cold Steel will eventually consider making a more widely available version of the Ti-Lite Kris (probably with S35VN or AUS-10) available to the rest of us, instead of a 2000-piece limited run like the hard-to-find 440C 26SY6. Any chance of that ever happening? I wanted one but couldn't even get ahold of one (so I had to temporarily settle for a Voyager Kris instead). I own the S35VN non-Kris Ti-Lite, and I have to admit it's my second most favorite Cold Steel blade (a second-place tie with SR1 and Frenzy, most favorite still is the Black Talon II). I also wish someday Cold Steel would consider making a Kris folding pocket sword of the same size as the Espada XL. Now that would be a unique piece people would be taking about for a great many years to come.

  6. I don't know why, but whenever I have a folding knife in my pocket I am worried that it will accidentally open up and cut my balls off.

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