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Are you searching for the subject Best EDC Lighter? Are you looking to see best butane lighter? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Best EDC Lighter | top best products brands for household.

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Best EDC Lighter
Best EDC Lighter

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Best Lighter for EDC/Every Day Carry.
In this video, we look at the best type of lighters for Every Day Carry/EDC.
Including Liquid fuel/petrol lighters such as the Zippo and Imco.
Standard butane lighters such as the Bic and Clipper lighters.
Jet lighters such as the UST Floating Lighter.
Electric arc lighters like the Vway plasma lighter.

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best butane lighter

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  1. Zippo and permanent match keychain is what I carry, rarely use the permanent match but it’s nice to have

  2. Why i dont need a zipo but want one
    1 i dont smoke
    2 idc about the replaceing of flints a stuf

    Reason i need it
    1 cause its a zipo

  3. Good video and excellent explanation, just a detail BIC lighters are also rechargeable, but its valve is less practical than a Clipper, Greetings …

  4. What I've been looking for is a refillable soft-flame butane lighter, refillable, with a replaceable flint. And the fuel button must be protected. They seem to be rare, at best!

    A long time ago, I found some slide-style lighters in a store, which worked well when new, but after refilling, they produced a very weak flame, and eventually stopped lighting. If it weren't for that, they'd have been my all-time favorite cheap edc lighter, especially since the sliding back was just difficult enough to use that it kept it from being activated in a pocket. The other drawback is that they have a piezo ignition, which tends to eventually stop working, and cannot be replaced. At this point I don't even remember who made them.

  5. I have a Zippo as my main EDC lighter, always on-person. And a Clipper as backup, in my bag. And another butane lighter (disposable, very similar to Bic, it's "Cricket" brand) as backup of backup.
    I like Clipper becoz it's refillable/serviceable .
    Of course I LOVE my Zippo.

  6. Imco>>>>>>>zippo also if you do the math all remotely pricey refillable lighters really do not save money above disposable like bic. Imco is really the best one for saving money if you smoke cigarettes. The only true reason then to get an expensive lighter is as a collector.

  7. I carry a zippo as primary lighter. In the morning I squeeze a bit of fluid in it. If my zippo fails I carry a bicycle lighter. And if that fails I also carry a peanut lighter at my Keychain. (If you smoke you can't have anough lighters)

  8. I personally carry a zippo with a butane-jetflame-inlay, looks nice, works good, and for example on new year, I usually pull out the original petrol-inlay, because it also works in colder conditions

  9. Good video well said. I also personally like clippers and zippos best but I think if the arc lighters had removable lids or opened more they would be even better.

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