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Best hard floor cleaner of 2019 *Hizero Bionic Mop* | Top best products

Are you searching for the subject Best hard floor cleaner of 2019 *Hizero Bionic Mop*? Are you looking to see best hard floor cleaner machine? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Best hard floor cleaner of 2019 *Hizero Bionic Mop* | Review best products for household.

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Best hard floor cleaner of 2019 *Hizero Bionic Mop*

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If you would like to purchase this Hizero 4 in 1 Bionic mop you may follow this link:
For any questions or concerns regarding the Hizero please email me at
For it’s replacement products you may follow each link as needed
Hizero Cleaning Solution: will add link when available
Polymer Cleaning roller replacement:
Bristle Brushroll replacement:
Disposable trash trays:

“Cleaning starts at 10:12 if you just want to see how it performs.” In this video we go over how to correctly Assemble, set up and use your Hizero 4 in 1 bionic mop. It is a very simple machine to setup and use. When used correctly this Hizero works perfectly in making your floor shine. This machine will cut down your cleaning time greatly! I went from 4 hours of floor cleaning down to less than 15 minutes with this Hizero! This is the machine you need for your hard floors! It works way better then the Bissell crosswaves, Hoover FloorMates, Rug Doctor floor cleaners and way better than any other Steam mop or swiffer. This is the most simple to use machine. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. Why is your hizeo mopping not wet at all, but my hizeo is wet? Shows that the rubber roller must be completely dry or not.

  2. Do you sell these by any chance ? Your videos have sold me on it . But I’m hoping you sell them and have a better price than Amazon 🤣. Love your videos 😊

  3. Are you still liking your Hizero? I have all tile flooring and with 3 small kids and two dogs it takes multiple daily cleanings to keep the floor clean. I've tried similar devices to try and streamline the cleaning process but end up not using them. Either they take too much time to setup, too much time to clean after use (can get quite nasty), or are just flat out bad at cleaning. I end up just reaching for my old fashioned broom and mop lol.

  4. Nice review…my godmother has a blacklab that drops a lot of hair. Just wondering/concerned about the capacity it can handle before having to empty the bin…Plus, your links aren't highlighted that blue color so we can just tap it and get directly linked. Again, I like your reviews.

  5. This looks like a good product, but you don't mention that this barrier operated mop that only works off the batteries for approximately an hour. Cost almost $600.00 after cleaner, tax,and shipping.

  6. That thing looks wonderful! Too bad it's so expensive! Guess I will end up sticking with my Bissell Crosswave.

  7. 500$ is pushing it for that machine. My floors are textured and bumpy so machines like the Hoover Floormate don't work. I use the Bissell Spinwave because it uses pads not suction since none of the suction machine seem to make a proper seal on my floors.

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