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BEST N95 Mask | $3 each | FDA – USA Company – Delivered Fast – | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject BEST N95 Mask | $3 each | FDA – USA Company – Delivered Fast -? Are you looking to see best reusable n95 mask? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

BEST N95 Mask | $3 each | FDA – USA Company – Delivered Fast – | Best hand tools for you.

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BEST N95 Mask | $3 each | FDA - USA Company - Delivered Fast -
BEST N95 Mask | $3 each | FDA – USA Company – Delivered Fast –

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CLICK: TO BUY MASK -Rebecca Brand reviews and recommends the Best N95 Mask, FDA Registered, USA Company Mask for N95 filtering of particles, and aerosoles.

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This N95 Mask is FDA Registered and Certified, see the video to read the info, The filter system has been tested to filter particles and aerosoles to higher than an N95 standard, see the video for the testing details. I believe in the mask and wear it, and recommend it. I’ve studied it and looked into it. This is a sponsored video. I have had many offers of sponsorship, and rejected them all. This mask is right for me, and I recommend it to my viewers. This mask has the N95 filtration system for the mask with ear straps, but not the head straps as required by CDC, Center for Disease control- but is more comfortable, so I choose this mask for long hours of wearing. It is also easy for me to breathe in, so I like it.




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FTC: Canopus group sponsored this video, my views are true, honest and are mine. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. Use the best and super Protected product HANDOUT PROTECTION Hand Sanitizing Wash and FaceUp Filtration Mask of Convenient single use packets that easily fit in your purse or pocket.

  2. These are NOT N95. Careful, people, a fake N95 could protect you less than a well-done cloth mask. Try writing a negative review on their website and you'll see that it won't upload: they allow only positive reviews. Yes, I bought these masks (by mistake, I didn't think I had completed my purchase), so I was legit to leave a review. Scroll through the comments here explaining why these are not N95. Oh, and they are not made in the US. In the packet it's clearly indicated the masks are imported (but don't say from where).

  3. These do not appear to be N95 Respirators, they appear to be manufactured to the Chinese KN95 standard. I would think claiming otherwise is fraud.

  4. @Omar Barbon,

    If you are a practicing, licensed physician, PLEASE check to see if the mask OR packaging has a NIOSH approval number, a NIOSH designation (N95, N99, begins with an “N” or “R”) AND an NIOSH TC number!

    The TC should be on the mask or headband. If there’s NO TC anywhere on the mask or packaging,


  5. These are the poorest looking counterfeit N95s I've seen yet, you could at least try to make them look real lol. Who made these, a child in a Chinese sweatshop?

  6. As another commenter has said, these masks are NOT FDA approved. This is a dishonest and completely misleading commercial for these masks, not an unbiased review.

  7. it states that these masks are washable … is this true and how do you recommend doing that?

  8. I find it interesting that even though most people are wearing masks, the numbers of cases are going up. Do the masks really help since the numbers if both the mask wearers are going up along with the case numbers? Aren't the numbers supposed to go down when we wear masks?

  9. These are not n95 ! Do your research. N95 must have bands that stretch to around the back of the head! & FDA doesn’t approve n95 masks ! CDC approves n95

  10. Informative video. However, your video gives the impression they are made in the USA. When I contacted Canopus, they said the masks were manufactured in China. When I tried to contact Canopus via phone, I kept getting a message that the person had not set up their voice mail. When they responded via email, they did not answer my questions but referred me to the FDA or CDC sites (no links provided). My questions never got answered. Very frustrating

  11. These are not N95 masks; the real ones by real manufacturers are delivered directly to the US government. "FDA registration" means nothing and is a highly deceptive meaningless designation that unscrupulous sellers use to promote high priced masks that are no better than putting a cloth over your face.  
    From the Wall St Journal FDA declined to comment on CCTC. A spokeswoman said its registration database is a helpful tool for the public but doesn’t represent FDA approval, and the agency doesn’t certify registration information.

  12. These are a decent stop/gap measure for low risk environments and maintaining a 6 Ft+ distance.

  13. FDA registered does not mean the masks have gone through a certification process. These masks were not certified by the FDA.

    A device that is “only” FDA Registered is not necessarily effective for the specific treatment applications claimed by the manufacturer. Registration simply means the FDA is aware of the manufacturer and their devices. The manufacturer cannot claim the device is “FDA Cleared or Approved”, and they cannot use the FDA logo in marketing or labeling the device.

    Surgical N95 respirators are approved by NIOSH as to their respiratory protection efficiency and resistance and other NIOSH requirements. They are also separately cleared by FDA as medical devices. FDA clears surgical masks for sale in the United States but does not test and certify the respirator.

    Also, the real NIOSH certified N95 masks are not held on by ear loops. The masks probably are not as effective as they claim to be.

  14. These are not N95 certified masks. They may meet the Chinese KN95 standard but not the US N95 standard.  Nothing provided by the company constitutes a certification in any way. The  Establishment Registration & Device Listing only registers the company with the FDA as a manufacture or supplier of N95 masks, it dose not certify or register your product. The CDC testing report is only that, at test report, it does not provide certification of any kind and there is far more to the N95 standard than just the filtration rate. According to the CDC one of the definite signs a mask is counterfeit is the presence of ear loops instead of head bands. The are also no certification number or other required markings on the mask. As an OSHA specialist and trainer and a medical professional I know what is required to certify a mask to the N95 standard and this mask being advertising as N95 certified definitely does not meet the requirements.

  15. Thanks for the suggestion, Rebecca! I bought a couple of these masks for my folks. Did you disinfect them the first time you wore them out? Also, I asked the company how to clean and disinfect but got a pretty vague answer. Do you reuse these a couple more times or toss after the first time? Thanks, and stay safe!

  16. Notice how she even states that it is for “non-medical use”, and she purposely makes sure not to mention that it doesn’t protect against viruses! She is scamming people!

  17. FAKE!!! As soon as she showed a supposed N95 Mask, and it has ear loops, I knew it was a fake!! Guys, don’t trust anyone. The FDA & CDC websites show how to spot real vs fake N95 masks. You can even verify the authenticity of a particular mask.

  18. Masks are indeed important, at least indoors and when close contact is not avoidable. Even an N95 mask doesn't provide complete protection against a virus, the viral particles are so small they can pass through practically anything that can be used to breathe through. What the mask does is reduce the amount of particles an infected person spreads in the environment through breathing. So masks are primarily protecting others from getting infected, not you. If you are at the beginning stages of the sickness, or you are asymptomatic and you don't even know you have the virus, you breathe out about 95% less virus particles in the environment with a mask. But they can be of benefit to you as well. People who get infected with higher amount of virus particles are getting worse symptoms and have a higher chances of a fatal outcome. So it wouldn't save you from getting infected, but it can increase your chances of survival. That's why it's important everyone to ware masks, keep social distancing and wash/disinfect their hands before and after they touch door handles, grocery carts, elevator buttons and anything that could have been touched by someone else in a public place.

  19. Of course death and hospitalization is going up! It’s impossible for those numbers to go down you dummy 🤦‍♂️ Also forget the mask you need a full on paper bag!

  20. How long can I use this for? How many times can you wash it? Do you have any recommendations?

  21. Hey Mrs. Brand how’s your son doing I know in your last video you sent him some soup & a care package etc. Hope all is well with you❤️🥰

  22. I hope it's made in America because I ain't buying Chinese. They poison the world and sell us masks, I can't believe it.

  23. This chick is a major Karen. She's out videotaping people in Santa Barbara and whining about masks. Her twitter feed show just what kind of nut she is. She also out pimping her own brand: Rebecca Brand Productions, Rebecca Brand Recipes, Rebecca Brand Branding, Rebecca Brand Casting, Dinner Party Art Class, Rebecca Brand Oil Painting

  24. You mentioned what they are "good" for and "viral infection" isn't one of them. Let me ask you what you are wearing it for?

  25. I'm so glad that some people are actually taking this seriously. You can reuse them by leaving them in a zip lock bag for 3 days, or buying a UV sanitizing torch. I love your videos btw

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