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Best Ultrasonic Cleaner 2020 – You Get What You Pay For | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject Best Ultrasonic Cleaner 2020 – You Get What You Pay For? Are you looking to see top rated ultrasonic jewelry cleaner? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner 2020 – You Get What You Pay For | Top best products for household.

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Best Ultrasonic Cleaner 2020 - You Get What You Pay For
Best Ultrasonic Cleaner 2020 – You Get What You Pay For

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Before you plop down money and buy the cheapest ultrasonic cleaner, there are some important factors to consider. Going with a cheap ultrasonic cleaner may save you some money in the short term, but it will cost you more money in the long run in terms of electricity, detergent, replacement parts, and accessories, not to mention wasted time and energy.

Frank Pedeflous, President of Omegasonics, shares how purchasing one of many cheaply built ultrasonic cleaners can negatively affect your bottom line. Quality and features vary greatly between manufacturers. Educate yourself before buying an ultrasonic cleaner so you don’t get burned, figuratively or literally!

Need some help determining which ultrasonic cleaner would be the right fit for your company or task? Contact our team of ultrasonic cleaning experts today at (888) 989-6278. They can help guide you through the process.


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  1. For 2020 yet the video is 6 years old?
    I always like to get a deal, will buy used of a good brand probably. Or go pure China until I've made enough sales then buy a good American/Canadian /European brand.

  2. Talk about wasting time & energy. What about having to watch this video?
    Darn, I should have read the comments first before wasting time and energy typing mine out!👎 first time I’ve ever used this 🙀

  3. Here's the deal: You get a pos 6l "cleaner" on Amazon for under $150. I got one and does it stand-out in any manner? No, it does not and it's crap, HOWEVER a transducer sells for ten bucks and if you pay thirty you will get creme de la creme… A whole DIY kit of better quality sells for cheap AND YOU CAN INSTALL IN ON THE CRAP AMAZON DEVICE, which happens to have a decent tank, basket and lid. If it were to manufacture one or get it somewhere else it would cost more. So, because you stay away from disclosing numbers, there must be a reason, I might say… Let me put it this way; if your 6l (very common size for the people you address on YT) machine can be had at about 4-5 hundred Dollars, that would most likely not be a bad thing, IF THE QUALITY IS A M A Z I N G, but I'm sure we are lucking at completely different numbers and for this reason, advertising here is most likely not the right place. Also, it's 2020, controlling temperature is not rocket-science, you know… A filter and a circulating pump??? A few bucks… Hit me with a number!

  4. soooooo…. i guess i should spend thousands of dollars …. 2 save on sum detergent???…ummm….i'll stick with the "hornady" and buy more detergent….GOOOOOOOF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Doesn't anyone review these videos before posting them? You would think anyone doing so would insist on fixing the mix of music and narration before finalizing. I couldn't stand it and gave up long before the video was done. Wasted effort, Omegasonics!

  6. I think these are the guys that I had quote me a price on a unit for my bench top. It was $7K!!

  7. I came for the elevator music, please turn it up louder for next video – i could almost hear you over the music.

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