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Best weight distribution hitch with sway control: BUT do you even need it? | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Best weight distribution hitch with sway control: BUT do you even need it?? Are you looking to see anderson sway control hitch reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Best weight distribution hitch with sway control: BUT do you even need it? | List of best hand tools for you.

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Best weight distribution hitch with sway control: BUT do you even need it?
Best weight distribution hitch with sway control: BUT do you even need it?

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Information related to the topic Best weight distribution hitch with sway control: BUT do you even need it?.

Do you need an anti sway hitch? How do you determine if you need anti sway and a live demonstration of pulling a Geo Pro camper in high winds without it! ..

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  1. I’m just curious: did you actually weigh the loaded tongue weight on the coach, or are you guesstimating the loaded TW? If you did weigh it, what was the actual, loaded TW of the G19FBS?

  2. What year is your Grand Cherokee and do you have the factory tow package? The max weight limits are all over the map depending on the year. I own a 2014 without the tow pkg and the limit is 6200lbs. The 2016's are down to 3500lbs.

  3. I will never use a weight distribution hitch if you need it your tow vehicle is way under sized also takes the fun out of set up and break down keep it simple stupid .

  4. You can get away with no sway control with some vehicle combinations, but it is the exception rather than the rule in the travel trailer world. The ratio of trailer weight to tow vehicle is certainly a factor, but there is more to it than that. How weight is distributed within the camper is as big a factor as tongue weight or vehicle vs trailer weight. Full water tanks vs empty water tanks (or combinations thereof and trailer design can make big differences as well. I can tell you that if you don't have a sway control system and you suddenly encounter conditions that induce sway, you'll wish you had it! As for speed, be aware that most trailer tires are designed for 65 mph max. Know what your tires can handle and don't exceed their max speed. A blow-out caused by excessive speed will ruin your day. When you are towing, don't drive like an idiot!

  5. You know, Sparky, right alongside the high wind sign is another sign saying "55 mph max for towed trailer".
    So considerate of you to keep it below 70.

  6. Interesting setup…the Jeep is rated at 6200lbs, with an β€œoptimum” trailer length of 21’..being you’ve got a sub-4000lb, 20” trailer ALONG with it being only 7’ wide (almost all TT’s are 8’ wide) it’s not even a PROBLEM for the Jeep (without tow mirrors). I’ve got the same Jeep as you, and intend on getting a Lance 1685, but a MicroMinnie 2106FBS is in the running too..only a 7’ wide trailer makes it AS NARROW as a WK2, so you wouldn’t even notice it back there)

  7. Yes !! You need one , I tow a Cougar camper with a 2011 f150 , when that semi on the other side of the road fly pass you , OMG it scared the hell out of me , my trailer was all over the road and this happen in a construction zone , thank god I didn’t lose control, I bought a equalizer 4 and i never had a white knuckle event like that again

  8. Hi. You're weights are incorrect…
    So, the 19FBS is 3075 DRY, that's without the oven option… if you have an oven, it's 3222. Water is 8.33 lbs per gallon, so a full 37 gallon tank is 308 lbs, plus the 6 gallons in the water heater is 50 lbs. Then you have whatever is in your grey & back tanks (I'm not adding that in because you probably wouldn't have all 3 tanks full at once, obviously). Then there are 2 propane tanks (37 lbs each, 74 lbs total if full) & either 1 or 2 batteries on the tongue (between 55 lbs and 70 lbs each depending on which batteries came with the rig), so that's another 110 – 140 lbs. And THEN you have all your cargo- food, clothes, gear- just everything/all personal belongings that you would have to weigh yourself to get an accurate weight.
    So that's between 542 – 572 lbs without adding what you may have in your grey & black tanks (still figure 8.33 lbs per gallon for each), NONE of your belongings/food/cargo etc…

    So before you put a single personal item inside your empty trailer, you are at a MINIMUM of 3617 – 3794 lbs (again, not including grey & black tank/and ANY cargo at all). If you don't have the oven, your weight is ~3647 lbs
    And, if you have 2 batteries and 2 full propane tanks you have to add a minimum of 184 lbs to the listed *tongue weight*.

    There you have it. I think the world of you guys, but I just wanted to clarify for the sake of the #Newbies that this setup is NOT 3000 lbs Full. No way.

    In NO WAY did I make this comment to be disrespectful or throw shade. I just wanted to address a miscommunication about the actual weight. #FullRespect

    With all that said… how are you liking the 3.6 Pentastar?

  9. Agitated sway is what is really critical. Example tractor trailer passing at high speeds can cause sway, bad weather, etc. You have a pretty light trailer and truck and you drive at a reasonable speed but things can change. Your specific setup allows you more latitude but please use a sway control. Others who are less experienced with heavy and unbalanced equipment can be a hazard to themselves and others. I am glad that you give an advisement to others.

  10. This video would be more aptly named "Sway Control, do you need it for your application?" I came here looking for an opinion on the best weight distribution hitch and why, and what I got was a bunch of crap and bad towing advice. One reason why sway control may not be a big issue in your situation is because your tow vehicle outweighs your trailer- I guarantee you that if the trailer weighs the same or more then sway will be a big issue in crosswinds! Here are my other peeves with you: 1) You're towing a trailer that is a full foot wider than the mirrors on your car. I see down in the comments you mention to a commenter that you have a camera on the back of your trailer, but it doesn't matter, you still have a blindspot at the rear corner of your trailer! You could get into a situation where you need to back the trailer around a corner or a fixed object and drag your rear quarter right across it; worse, you could hide a motorcycle in that blindspot and change lanes right into them! Which, by the way, you would be legally liable for.. 2) ST (or Special Trailer) tires that come on your trailer are only speed rated for 65 miles per hour. Can you get away with going faster? Sure, but you're gambling against the day that tire disintegrates at speed. When that day comes sway control will become a much higher priority I'll bet. And again, lose a tire above 65 and cause a huge wreck YOU will be legally liable for catastrophic damages. 3) This is the best. Pulling your trailer (above recommended max speed) down a grade and holding a camera in your hand! It's bad enough that drivers have to put up with and possibly avoid people like you out on the open highway, but by posting your videos (at least this video) you are purporting to be some sort of authority on the matter and people are coming to you for advice! At a minimum you should at least have a disclaimer at the beginning for people not to follow your example(s). But it would be best if you just stick to sharing your adventures and leave towing details to the people who know what they're talking about and trying to set GOOD examples.

  11. If your TV is struggling up steep hills, kick it out of overdrive so it has to work less hard for the pull.

  12. Hi Jason, I'm looking around YouTube for information just like this. I'm buying an R pod 179 travel trailer with weight of 2400 lbs dry. it will be pulled by nissan frontier V6 with tow capacity of 6400 lbs. I'm also hoping it will perform without the extra problems of a weight distribution hitch as they add more weight to the tongue and some cannot back up without being damaged. I guess the best way is to drive the TT and sees what happens to sway.

  13. Did you have to add a brake controller? Or, did your tow vehicle come with one?Β  If you added one, which kind did you use?

  14. I have a 2019 Subaru outback 2.5 premium. The tow capacity is 2700lbs. Do you think this trailer would be to heavy?

  15. Good video, and awesome trailer. The Geo Pro 19FBS was top of our list (along with the similarly sized/similar layout, Freedom Express 192rbs). We ended up purchasing the Freedom Express 192rbs because of the full walk-around queen bed. It's a bit longer (22' vs 20'), and heavier but does have dual-axles, hence much higher cargo carry capacity.
    Anyhow, I agree with your statement that Weight Distribution Hitch (WHD) + Sway control system may not be needed in every situation (ex. very small TT, & large Tow vehicle). Nonetheless, I do think you're understating the importance of WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION. You may not feel a lot of sway, but have you weighed your combo to confirm that you're not putting too much weight on your Jeep's rear axle vs front (steer) axle?

    If you were pulling that Geo Pro with a 3/4 ton truck (or an F150 with max-tow package), you probably wouldn't need it. But you're pulling a 3.5K to 4K lb trailer (3K + your stuff, batteries, propane, etc.) with a short wheelbase, relatively low payload capacity Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    You haven't had any issues, thank goodness, but it's better to be safe than sorry (as they say). Get it weighed, and make sure you're not over any ratings on your axles, payload, etc. If you are over-spec, a WDH + sway control system can be purchased for under $400 (ex. Husky Centerline), and will ensure the TT weight is properly distributed on the axles of your Jeep. If get into an accident, you risk getting the insurance claim denied. Something to keep in mind!

    Keep up the great Geo Pro content and safe travels!

  16. The geo pro weight 3000 lbs dry no? I think more like 3100 with off road package. Water is 8.34 lbs a gallon and with full tanks that is 300 lbs of fresh water. Not considering black or grey. Then add 60 lbs each for batteries and full propane tanks. Not to mention the scooter, food and gear! I think you need to weight that trailer full and you would be closer to the max or over trailer capacity than you think. The 19fbs does not have much wiggle room for CCC especially if tanks are full. I enjoy watching your videos and appreciate the content. Stay safe. ✌️

  17. Hey Jason glad to see you healthy and back! Stay blessed and in contact πŸ™πŸΌ with your vids…

  18. Omg WHERE have you been?
    Love your show
    I have the equalizer sway control absolutely love it! I have a 1905 rockwood mini light and a 2018 explorer sport

  19. Do I need to have extended side view mirrors for a 19FBS Geo Pro (I drive a Chevy Silverado 1500)?

  20. 2 questions… What tires are you running on your Geo Pro? Noticed you have a cargo door on the Slide out. My 19 Geo 19 FBS doesn't have it? Thanks for all the interesting videos you've shared. David

  21. Glad you’re back! We got blue ox for our half ton pickup, but like you say…we might not really need it.

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